World Environment Day Activities 2022 - “Energy Saving Activity – 5% Energy Saving Action” Lucky Draw


Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM)
Environmental Protection Bureau of Macau SAR (DSPA)

Co-organizers: General Residents Association of Macau
Objectives: Encourage citizens to put their knowledge of energy conservation into practice on a daily basis, and to conserve energy through recognizing energy-efficient appliances, knowing the energy efficiency label, as well as following suggestions for smart use of electricity. Encourage citizens to develop good energy consumption habits and to make better use of electrical appliances, so as to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy waste, reaching the goal of saving 5% of their energy consumption or more. Reward the citizens who are committed to energy saving through a lucky draw.
Contest period:

The electricity consumption of four billing months from July to October 2022 will be calculated.


All residential customers in Macau (Tariff A Customers; excluding commercial and industrial customers). Every member over 18 years old in the family is welcome to join.


Energy Saving Family Award (Grand Prize, Excellence Prize and Consolation Prize): Participants saving 5% or more in their electricity consumption from July until October 2022, compared to the same period of the previous year (from July until October 2021), will be eligible to register for the Lucky Draw.

Continuous Energy Saving Prize: For those who have enrolled not less than two years between 2015 and 2022, during which energy had been saved, and the goal of saving 5% or more energy had been reached in at least one of those years, are eligible to enter the Lucky Draw automatically.

Friends and Family Referral Prize: There will be Prizes of “Friends and Family Referral” to encourage the registered participants to invite their friends and family members to participate in the “5% Energy Saving Action”. Those who successfully invite their friends and family members, as well as the invitees who conform to the above rules, will be eligible to register for the Lucky Draw of Energy Saving Family Award and Continuous Energy Saving Prize. Each participant can invite up to three friends and family members to register for the Lucky Draw.

Enrollment period: From now till 30 September 2022.


  • Grand Prize x 3: MOP10,000 energy-efficient appliances coupon
  • Excellence Prize x 50: MOP500 rebate on electricity bill
  • Consolation Prize x 100: MOP200 rebate on electricity bill
  • Continuous Energy Saving Prize x 3: MOP5,000 energy-efficient appliances coupon
  • Friends and Family Referral Prize X 2: MOP5,000 energy-efficient appliances coupon
Enrollment method:
  1. Enroll by accessing DSPA website or CEM website When registering through the website, the participants should take into consideration that submitting the information (including personal data) through an open network may have the risk of possible usage by unauthorized third parties;
  2. Only those who invite their friends and family members to join the Lucky Draw will be eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw of “Friends and Family Referral Prize”. Participants who submit the information of their friends and family members must obtain their consent in advance, also inform them the risk of the first point.
  3. Authorize the General Residents Association of Macau to submit the application form;
  4. All successful registered participants will receive SMS notifications.
  5. The personal information of all registered participants will be transmitted directly to CEM's database.
Terms and conditions:
  1. The participant must be 18 years old or older, a legal Macau resident (holder of Macau Resident Identification Card, Non-Resident Worker Identification Card or Student Card issued by the respective Macau institutions) that currently lives in a residential unit in Macau and is able to show the power supply contract of the residence;
  2. The power supply contract of the participant should be active before 1 June 2021. The monthly electricity consumption in the residence during the two periods (from July to October 2021 and from July to October 2022) should be higher than 10 kWh and their meter readings should be actual;
  3. At the time of receiving the prize, the winners should present the following documents:
    - The original identification document (to verify the winner’s identity);
    - The power supply contract of the current residence (electricity bill);
    If the winner cannot present the above-mentioned documents, he/she will not be able to receive the prize;
  4. Each person can only participate once in the Lucky Draw (will be identified by the identification document);
  5. Formula to be used in the calculation of the 5% energy saving:
    The total electricity consumption from July until October 2022 must be at least 5% less than the consumption in the same period of the previous year:
    5 Lucky Draw 2022_formula E.jpg
  6. If the participant wishes to know the records of his/her electricity consumption, he/she can access CEM website to view the electricity consumption of the previous billing months. For this purpose, he/she must be a registered user of CEM e-Service;
  7. The lucky draw will be held in December 2022. The list of winners will be published on DSPA and CEM website in January 2023 and the winners will be notified individually. The winners of the “Grand Prize”, “Continuous Energy Saving Prize” and “Friends and Family Referral Prize” will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony that is going to be held in early 2023, where they will receive their prizes. The electricity rebate of the “Excellence Prize” and “Consolation Prize” will begin from February 2023 and be deducted month after month, until all the amounts have been deducted;
  8. The organizers have the right of the final interpretation of the rules & guidelines, and reserve the right of rejecting to deliver the prizes;
  9. The staff of DSPA and CEM and their direct family members cannot participate in this Lucky Draw;
  10. For further information about this activity, please visit or, or contact CEM or DSPA at 8393 1205 or 2876 2626.
Registration form:

Click the following link to the online registration form (Portuguese or Chinese only).

Online registration form

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