A culinary tour in Macau - Ling Lijia

This painting is themed on a tour through Macau's culinary delights. Embellished with colorful characters to echo with the vibrant food scenes, it reflects Macau’s versatile lifestyle. The piece features two personified characters - Macau milk tea and Portuguese egg tart. Portuguese egg tart holds the flag of Macau SAR, guiding people through Macau's different gourmet stores. The painting is set in a colorful and artistic street in Macau, with vibrancy bursting through the canvas.

Be more brilliant with Macau together - Chen Yueming 

This painting is inspired by Macau’s home-grown delicacy, the almond cookies, and the landmark, the Ruins of St. Paul's, portraying the good life in Macau through the rich colours.  

A Portuguese-style lane - Ma Sio Teng

The painting depicts the historical Calçada da Igreja de S. Lázaro, flanked by Portuguese-style buildings on a cobblestone driveway. The Portuguese colonial-style alley reflects Macau's charm as a small city and a melting pot of Western and Eastern cultures.

National Geographic Photography Location - Zhang Xiyue 

The Guia Hill is not only the name of a place, but also the beginning of Macau. From Rua Nova à Guia to Guia Lighthouse, you can see the bustle and hustle of the city as well as a modern Macau. The Guia Hill is also the best spot to take National Geographic grade photos of the Rua Nova à Guia and Grand Lisboa Hotel. The golden wings of Grand Lisboa Hotel are the brightest at nightfall. Macau is a city built on slopes, and Rua Nova à Guia interconnects alleys on different levels. Here, one can deeply feel the messy and square architectural pattern of Macau, and also feel the life of ordinary Macau people.

Vitality & Macau - Weng Hongyu

This artwork is themed on the Saint Dominic's Church. With the summer sun shining on the church, everything seems to be alive and thriving. In the magic land of Macau, the city's vibe can be felt everywhere.

Macau Impression - Xu Yuqing

When speaking of Macau, one will immediately think of the Ruins of Saint Paul's, which is the city's most iconic landmark. This painting takes the façade as the focal point, and with the decoration of plants and tourists, it presents a vibrant impression of Macau.

The beautiful Ruins of St. Paul’s - Dai Jiamei

The Ruins of Saint Paul's is Macau's most representative architecture and iconic landmark. With its long history, it has witnessed the development of Macau. It is a world heritage that Macau people take pride in.

Relax & Macau - Weng Hongyu

The scenery depicted in this piece is found by the waterfront of the Macau Science Center. To look for the beauty of Macau, I went for a morning walk near the Macau Science Center and from there I saw the sun rising from the horizon. Rays of sunshine passed through the Macau Tower, casting a golden glow on the water surface. A fleet of fishing boats carrying early-bird anglers cruised by and cut through the water. The picture dawned on me as the most beautiful sight in Macau.

Colorful Macau - Fang Yongshan

Modern Macau is represented by iconic buildings including Macau Eiffel Tower, Grand Lisboa Macau, Macau Tower and MGM Macau, set against the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds. As Air Macau jet and pigeons fly through the sky, beautiful music fills the air. The magnificent rainbow behind these iconic buildings symbolizes the diversity, openness and multiculturalism of modern Macau. Like the sun, CEM’s logo beams through the sky, providing power to Macau for a brilliant future.

Ever-changing Macau - Chen Shiyang

This piece takes Macau Tower as the main object to show the ever-changing dynamics of Macau and the continuous development of technologies. The tall, magnificent Macau Tower is a symbol of Macau's cutting-edge technologies. The bluish green colour tone signifies the joy brought by high technologies. The sailboat carries the promise of a smooth sailing future for Macau.

Touring Macau - Xu Zongyi

With the map of Macau as the background, this piece features elements such as the Ruins of Saint Paul's and the Guia Fortress, which construct a beautiful living scene of Macau as a tourist city.

Lotus - Shen Yueran

As the old saying goes, “On the mountain is the mulberry tree; In the marshes is the lotus flower.” Lotus flower is a symbol of peace, harmony, tranquility, kindness and beauty. Macau, also known as “the Land of Lotus Flower”, is likened to the lotus flower in the painting, standing upright in the pond like a gentleman and flowing with the breeze without fear and anxiety, and always at peace with oneself.  

A lotus pond in Macau - Ma Sio Teng

The lotus pond featured in this painting is located at the Macau University of Science and Technology. Lotus is the floral emblem of Macau. The painting gives a realistic portrayal of the lotus pond on the fore against a blur background to highlight Macau's unique cultural identification with lotus.

Vision - Wei Yihe

This piece is an imitation of a master’s work. A beam of green colour is spurting out between two galloping high-speed trains, symbolizing the convergence of technology and environmental protection, and conveying the message that despite the rapid development of information technology, human and mother nature can co-exist in harmony and bliss. The painting is composed of large colour blocks, using the brightest and the fieriest colourway. The eye-catching green serves to raise people's awareness of environmental protection and the importance of creating a beautiful environment together.

Venetian sense - Cui Zhining

The Venetian Macao, a famous scenic spot in Macau and a well-known integrated resort in Asia, is themed on the Italian city on water – Venice. The exotic interior is full of Venice's characteristic arch bridges, small canals and stone roads.

Living in Macau - Cai Zhuotong

This artwork is created in the form of illustration and orange is used as the main color. It features different graffiti graphics to reflect the vibrancy of Macau and convey a positive life attitude.

Portuguese rhythms in Macau - Wang Ziyao

Tracing Macau elements with flat design, enriched with Portuguese elements to reflect the city in my eyes.

Impression of Macau - Gan Siyuan / Liu Wanqing

A piece inspired by the famous architectures in Macau.

Prosperity brought by the dragon and phoenix - Li Yuning

Phoenix, a mythical creature in Chinese mythology, is an auspicious bird and a symbol of peace and harmony. Legend has it that wherever the phoenix goes, there is bliss and happiness. Macau is exactly the city where I find the sense of bliss and security.

Colorful Macau - Li Jiawei

As the centerpiece of the painting, Macau’s landmark Ruins of St. Paul is adorned with multi-colored flowers and plants, accentuating the landmark’s vitality and magnificence.

Pondering - Yao Dingye

Dining is an important part of people’s life. Macau, a vibrant city with diversified culinary cultures hailing from different parts of the world, serves not only the best international cuisines, but also a great variety of local delicacies. It’s a scrumptious way to experience the unique city by pleasing one’s palate.

Colorful - Yao Dingye

Macau is a vibrant city, unlike other places in the world, the city celebrates cultural diversity and is buzzing with different colors. What’s more, as art is in the air, one can have fun navigating the city.

Mazu myth - Hu Bojun

Mazu, a deity protecting seafarers from danger, is portrayed here with her feet stepping on a lotus, the symbol of Macau.

Guia Fortress by day and night - Gao Chuqi / Liu Wanqing

Capturing Guia Fortress by day and night, as well as the various sceneries down the hill at different times.

The charm and gentleness of the east - Zhang Hanyuwen

This piece features the image of dragon   that represents gaming at the fore, surrounded by different motifs of Macau including the MSAR flag, heritage sites, tourist attractions and gourmet foods, etc.

Macau Dream - Chen Hongyi

Inspired by a vivid dream. The long ribbons dancing high up in the sky in my dream made me pick up the paintbrushes, and the result is this piece titled Macau Dream.

A bite of Macau - Liu Huilin

An abstract piece themed on Macau culinary delights.

Macau on the map - Jiang Yuxin

A map of Macau, painted in illustration style, embellished with landmarks, scenic spots and cartoon figures.

The Butterfly Dream - Rao Peiwei

The unique storefronts in Macau and surrounding waters portrayed in a psychedelic and exaggerating style.

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