Bustling Downtown - Christina Kong

The time-weathered Red Market witnessed Macau’s history. The market’s unusual architectural style and the neighboring old-fashioned tea house trigger nostalgic feelings. The bustling streets and alleys, with vendors hawking their items, are enveloped in a busy but harmonious atmosphere.

Jelly Eggs - Peony Wing

It boasts of all sorts of snacks with nostalgic tastes. These low-value things may eventually disappear, but the joy they have brought us is priceless. May you find your precious memories here and share it with your beloved ones.

Open Sesame! - Siomeng Chan

When opening covers of pillar boxes, you will find that they have been quietly contributing to all aspects of life within the community. Life may have its ups and downs, but various past experiences are what make today splendid.

Oasis - Yolanda Kog

The pillar box’s main image is drafted based on a half-body of a girl, whose upward-flowing hair merges with the universe. Meditate here to open up the universe of thought. Even the narrowest of city is unable to restrain the power of imagination. Your imagination is your oasis.

Birdwatching - Ken Ho

The work is inspired by birds, which represent freedom and flight as well as curiosity for the world. The birds’ environment depicted with simple lines makes the lifeless power box no longer dull and brings a sense of vitality to it.

Love Story-Bu loves you - Mini Wong

As we are both cat lovers, we created the cat couple based on our cats at home and featured two different drawing styles. In the meantime, we hope that it can raise public awareness on caring for small animals.
This is a group of creations representing love. Thus, we hope the public will all feel the love.
*This is Ah-Bu surrounded by flowers and plants. He is smiling while looking at his lover, with only his charming eyes revealed.

Love Story-Charming Cat - Hue Peng

This is a group of creations representing love. Thus, we hope the public will all feel the love.
*The one to the right is named Ice Cream, and his background illustrates a European-style pattern. Ice Cream is a black & white cat who loves to look good, and often grooms himself impeccably. He and Bu are gazing at each other, while he also attracts the attention of a group of mice.

Toys of Time Machine - JUNE

As time passes by, many products and toys with cultural implications, such as firecrackers, fireworks and kites, have gradually disappeared. However, from the old poster of the Iec Long firecracker factory, we can see that these toys still have their own charms. The vending machines I drew allow you to buy toys from your childhood and enable children born in the smart era to understand the attractiveness of the toys in the past.

Our Back Garden - Elsa

Coloane is the backyard of the Macau people, and is loaded with everyone’s fond memories. The pillar box is full of childlike interest, with a boy eating Portuguese egg tart and blowing bubbles, a girl holding a dreamy balloon kingdom filled with birds and flowers, and puppies disguising themselves as elephants and dinosaurs. It is hoped that visitors can feel warmth and happiness when they come to Coloane to savor Portuguese egg tarts and admire the view.

Kun Iam Temple - Tramy Lui

With a colorful background,
Kun Iam Temple was outlined in white lines.
Passers-by would feel the inspiration of the paintings.
Enjoy the beauty through the painting.
Restore the peace of mind.

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