Press Release

UM Students completed summer training in CEM

Macao, 22 September 2011

On 22nd September, a Closing Ceremony of UM Summer Training Program 2011 undertaken by students from the University of Macau (UM) in the Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) was held at the Auditorium II of the UM Library. The ceremony was officiated by Jorge Vieira, the Executive Director of CEM and Professor Vai Mang I, Head of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of UM. During the ceremony, training certificates were awarded to 15 trainees as an appreciation of their enthusiasm and dedication during the three months’ training period.

In his speech, Jorge Vieira highly appreciated all the management members and professors of the University of Macau and the tutors of CEM for their effort to devote their time which contribute to the success of this program. As a socially responsible company with the mission to cultivate a pool of local talents for the future of Macau, CEM has been actively supporting the education and development of the new generation through different ways. Other than offering the Summer Training Program every year, CEM also grants scholarships for the best graduates majoring in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering respectively.

Since 1991, CEM has started utilizing the Summer Training Program to nurture Macao’s future talents. This long-term cooperative partnership provides an opportunity for UM students to step into CEM every summer to broaden their views and apply their academic knowledge in their work. On the other hand, this energetic young team also livens up summer in CEM!

This year, there are total 15 students from UM participated in the Summer Training Program, including 6 from Faculty of Science and Technology, 4 from Faculty of Business Administration and 5 from Faculty of Social Science and Humanities. The 15 students were assigned to 10 different departments according to their majors, including Communications and Public Affairs Office, Customers Services Department, Finance Department, Human Resources Department, Information Systems Department, Network Operations and Maintenance Department, Network Planning, Design and Construction Department, Power and Networks Dispatch Department, Regulatory Affairs Office and Special Projects Office.

The participants were satisfied with and learned a lot from the training program, which provided them opportunities to realize the professionalism and job responsibility required for working in a large enterprise.

A total of 330 students from UM have been trained in CEM for the past 21 years. Within the scope of the preferential recruitment scheme, there are presently 62 graduates of UM working at CEM, corresponding to 34% of the employees from the Engineering/Business and Administration Professional Groups.