Press Release

Six trainees from Macau Special Olympics complete “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program

Macao, 22 January 2013

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) and Macao Special Olympics (MSO) held the closing ceremony of “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program at Plaza Restaurant today. The attending guests included Cheong Wai Fan, Acting Director of Social Welfare Bureau, Un Hoi Cheng, Chief of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau Youth Department, Stanley U, Chief of the Labour Affairs Bureau Skill Evaluation Division, as well as legislator José Pereira Coutinho, members of the Commission for Rehabilitation Affairs, members of CEM Customer Liaison Committee, MSO Chairlady Ada Lo, MSO National Director Siu Yu Hong Hetzer, CEM Chief Executive Officer Franklin Willemyns, Executive Directors João Travassos da Costa, Bernie Leong and Jorge Vieira. The trainees obtained certificates from CEM and shared their experiences and feelings about the internship program. Family members of the trainees were also invited to the ceremony.

Since the launch of the “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program in 2009, twenty trainees have participated in the program. Under the 4-month internship program starting from September 2012, six trainees worked along with CEM staff in Human Resources Department, Information Systems Department, Network Operations & Maintenance Department, Procurement and Logistics Department and Communications & Public Affairs Office. This term, CEM provided internship opportunities for people with intellectual disability who have received trainings for years but have yet to get job opportunities, in the hope of improving their ability and helping them fit into society.

Franklin Willemyns indicated in his speech that CEM thanks MSO for its collaboration with CEM to organize this meaningful internship program. He believes that under the patience and guidance of our colleagues, the six trainees have got used to working independently in an ordinary working environment, and have developed stronger socializing skills and confidence. This would further improve their capability of working in the society. He also hopes that this internship program will take the lead in promoting the concept of offering employment opportunities to people with special needs so as to help them better fit in the society.

Hetzer Siu Yu Hong expressed his gratitude to CEM for actively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility by providing internship opportunities to the mentally disabled. He said that the internship program is a valuable opportunity to the trainees of this term as they belong to a group who encounter difficulties in obtaining a working opportunity in the labor market. The internship has enabled them to gain a very good working experience. It is not important whether they succeed or fail in the process. It is rather more important for them to gain a better understanding of their capabilities as well as employers’ requirements. Through continuously improving themselves, they can prepare themselves to enter the society in the future. He also hoped that more enterprises can see the capabilities of these mentally disabled individuals in the future and build a good working environment for them if possible, in a bid to allow them to contribute to enterprises with stable working efficiency. We believe that people would like to see this win-win situation.

Tou Ian Kit, a trainee who worked in Network Operations and Maintenance Department shared his experience in the ceremony. He thanked CEM for giving them the opportunity to join this internship program and the patient guidance of CEM colleagues. From this internship, he and other trainees realized they have much room for improvement and learnt a lot of new things at work. With this internship experience, he hopes they will have better performance and can find a suitable job in the future.