Press Release

Number of Energizing Tour visitors reached 10,000

Macao, 6 Aug 2011

Since the first tour on June 2009, the CEM Energizing Tour has been popular among the local associations and citizens. With the enthusiastic participation of the public, the number of the Energizing Tour visitors reached 10,000 at an afternoon public tour on 6 August. CEM Executive Director João Travassos da Costa promises CEM will continue to contribute back to the society through participating in community services.

A celebration party for the 10,000th visitor of the Energizing Tour was held by CEM at Coloane Power Station yesterday. Macau Daily News Deputy Chief Editor, Lai Seng Pui and General Volunteers Association of Macau President, Ieong Hou In were invited to be responsible for witnessing the 10,000th visitor. Other participants include CEM Executive Director João Travassos da Costa, Advisor to the Executive Committee Iun Iok Meng, Generation Department Senior Manager Ip Kam Veng, Communications and Public Affairs Office Senior Manager Cecilia Nip.

Yam Siu Ning officially became the 10,000th visitor at 3 pm today. After the tour had arrived Auditorium of Coloane Power Station via CEM Shuttle, they were warmly received by CEM staff and its mascot Power Boy. Everyone in the scene counted the number of visitors till 10,000, while the visitors were getting off the shuttle. When the 10,000th visitor appeared, everyone applauded and a siren was alarmed in the power station for congratulations. CEM also gave an electrical appliance coupon to the 10,000th visitor as a gift; besides, every visitor in that tour was given a set of Power Boy souvenirs. João Travassos congratulated Yam Siu Ning on becoming the 10,000th visitor in his greeting note. He also expressed his gratitude to the Macao citizens and associations for their continuous support on the Energizing Tour and the staff for their tireless effort, so that the number of the Energizing Tour visitors could reach 10,000 in just 2 years. CEM has reached a new milestone, and he was delighted with this achievement which proves that the public acknowledge the contribution of CEM in various aspects in these years.

Afterwards, the guests and the visitors listened to the introduction and presentation about CEM, and visited different parts of the power station following the tour guide, such as the newly-built Exhibition Room. At last, the visitors were invited to join a cake-cutting rite and refreshment was provided. The celebration party successfully ended with laughter and applause. The visitors said they are overjoyed with CEM’s arrangement and they had learned more about CEM and its efforts in environmental protection from the tour. They wished CEM can hold similar activities more often in the future for the public participation.

Being a responsible corporate citizen, CEM does not only offer quality services to its customers, but it is also committed to contribute back to the society in economic, environmental, and educational areas for the best interests of Macao citizens. The Energizing Tour is a good example as the local citizens can learn more about the power station, as well as a better understanding about how green energy can help them to improve their life.

Until 6 August, the number of the Energizing Tour visitors is 10,016 in 265 tours, including associations like the Office of the Commissioner of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of PRC in MSAR, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the MSAR, and various government departments of MSAR. Owing to the popularity and success of the Energizing Tour, CEM will continue to hold the tour till December. Moreover, tailor-made tours can be arranged for associations.