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Gas Leakage Explosion at Centro Internacional de Macau damaged a distribution box; CEM takes immediate response by sending mobile generator and personnel on site for emergency repairing

Macao, 26 July 2011

An explosion occurred at Centro Internacional de Macau (Block 9) ground floor this morning which involved the distribution box nearby, resulting in a power interruption at Avenida da Amizade; Travessa da Amizade; Avenida Sun Yat-sen; Avenida de Marciano Baptista, Rua do Terminal Maritimo, Largo do Terminal Maritimo; Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues; Lotus Square; Rua da Malacca; pedestrian tunnel (near the Golden Lotus Square); Centro Internacional de Macau (Block 1 to 9); Immigration Building; Sea Palace Casino area at 7:05, affected 853 customers and 28 buildings.

CEM restored the power by using remote control, most of the customers’ power supply were resumed within 3 minutes at 7:08am. However, the remaining building, Block 1 of the International Centre was out of power supply due to the damaged equipment of PT570 and the serious damage of the customer’s power supply facilities. The number of affected customers was 102. Since CEM staff was forbidden to enter the affected area, CEM could not repair the damaged facilities immediately but has taken emergency measures of setting up one mobile generator and one mobile Ring Main Unit to stand by on site. The site of the incident was reopened at 2:19pm and CEM immediately dispatched its staff for emergency repairing. Till night, CEM has dispatched six teams of over 30 staff to work on site. Although the seriously damaged customer’s low voltage distribution panel is not under CEM’s responsibility, CEM has provided four temporary power supply points to be connected to the customer’s power meters in order to help the affected customers to resume the power supply as soon as possible.