Press Release

Delegates from Macao Chamber of Commerce participate in Energizing Tour

Macao, 12 July 2011

On 12 July, led by President Kou Hoi In, Vice-President Vong Kok Seng, Advisor Leong Hin Tat and Head of Liaison Department Chui Tat Meng, 20 delegates from Macao Chamber of Commerce Liaison Department participated in CEM’s Energizing Tour. They were warmly received by CEM Executive Director Bernie Leong, Generation Department Senior Manager Ip Kam Veng, Customer Services Department Senior Manager Keegan Cheang, Communications and Public Affairs Senior Manager Iun Iok Meng, and Manager Cecilia Nip. All delegate members indicated that they benefitted a lot from the visit.

Bernie Leong made a welcome speech on behalf of CEM. He expressed gratitude to Macao Chamber of Commerce for their continuing support, and given the opportunity of the reception, introduced to them about CEM’s current situation as well as its power facilities. He hopes to strengthen the bond between the two parties and build more friendship in the future, as well as work together for the social stability and economic prosperity of Macao.

Afterwards, Ip Kam Veng introduced the company’s corporate operation and objectives to the delegation, mentioning the improved power network investment plans, achievements in protecting environment in the past decade, and the continuously-increasing customer satisfaction. Ip Kam Veng said that CEM will flexibly choose fuel generation, natural gas generation or importation in order to provide the most cost-effective power supply solution and maintain a reasonable tariff.

Kou Hoi In praised CEM for its achievements in power supply reliability and customer services, and acknowledged the company’s efforts in environmental protection, saying that CEM will play an important role in the future economic growth of Macao. Then, the delegates visited the surroundings of the power plant and the natural gas station, also tested the electric vehicles and visited the exhibition hall.

The delegates from the Liaison Department of Macao Chamber of Commerce also included the deputy-head Melina Leong, Director Paul Tse, Lao Hong Meng, Sun Sao Ha and Vong Sai Lao, and other members Chan Kuok Chun, Chiang Kuoc Hong, Pak Ion Fan, Io Kit Chi, Ma Kin Chong, Ung Vai Kin, Chui Kar Hong, Leong Lai Iang, Kong Fu Iok, Leong Chong Hong and Lao Choi Kio.

CEM continued to hold the Energizing Tour this year to deepen the public’s understanding about Coloane Power Station, allowing them to experience how green energy makes life better. From June 2009 till now, CEM has held the tour for more than 9,600 participating residents.