Press Release

Corporate Social Responsibility a Priority at CEM

28 March 2011, Macao

CEM has deep roots in the local community where we operate. With a long-standing culture of caring and putting people first, CEM believes that being an active and involved partner is not an option, but a responsibility as a corporate citizen. Back in 2004, CEM pioneered to establish a group of ‘Ambassadors’ who actively participate in a range of multiple charity events for Macao communities, giving over 3,000 hours yearly of community service. Currently there are 61 voluntary ‘Ambassadors’, the largest group ever since its establishment, from all levels and departments of the Company. To recognize the efforts and contributions to Macao of our senior citizens, every year CEM invite several hundreds of senior citizens to gather at Taipa Pak Tai Temple for a luncheon filled with entertainment and memorable moments. CEM has organized this luncheon for six years already. This year the event will be organized once again on 1 April, and this time CEM Ambassadors Team members will bring the elders to pay a visit to Coloane Power Station. In addition, all senior citizens attended the luncheon will receive Trendy Thermo. CEM had a training partnership with the Macao Special Olympics (MSO) last yearfor launching a three-month internship program “CEM Brightening Stars Program”, for several youngsters with intellectual disabilities. The program was designed to help the trainees learn new working and social skills, and develop their full potential to better integrate into the society. CEM is the first company in Macao to establish such kind of internship program for people with intellectual disabilities, and due to the success of this pilot-program, this initiative will continue in 2011 with more trainees staying in CEM for a longer period. In early 2010 CEM also sponsored and participated with 50 volunteers in the Special Olympics Macau 18th Invitation Games, an initiative that proved to be very meaningful to all participating staff.

Other important social initiative includes the Community Programme, through which CEM provides free-of-charge safety inspections and upgraded electrical appliances to elders who live alone and are entitled to social welfare, citizens with special needs and also underprivileged families. Since its start in year 2000, more than 150 families have benefited from this Programme. CEM has been receiving the collaboration of the Social Welfare Institute, and recently the help of Caritas Macau, General Women’s Association and the General Workers’ Association for the selection of the cases to be included in the Programme.

Aiming at enhancing communication with the community, and let Macao citizens gain a better understanding about CEM’s facilities and operations, CEM launched an ‘Energizing Tour’ of visiting Coloane Power Plant. The Tour features an introductory presentation of CEM and a tour around the Power Plant. Over 70 CEM staffs have been involved in the visits, including six voluntary retired staffs. Response from the public was overwhelmed and since June 2009 we received approximately 8,000 visitors. The Energy Fun Fair is our annual large-scale community activity to raise the public knowledge and interest in electricity with a focus on the younger generation. Each year, local secondary schools are invited to design booths with themes based on energy issues and environmental protection for the public to interact with. The Fair that will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2011, attracts thousands of visitors every year. We also invite students to participate in interactive workshops and seminars about how to use electricity efficiently and save energy. Employee visits to elderly people’s centres, orphanages, and other needy citizens’ centres during popular festivals such as Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival, and Christmas are another important means for us to get closer to the community. In the last Mid-Autumn and Chinese New Year visits CEM especially arranged for someone to guide CEM staff to make lanterns and wonton together with the elders and make Mid-Autumn and New Year ornaments for them as gifts. Thinking on the environment, in the last few years we have been partnering with Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau to plant nearly one thousand of trees in several locations in Macao. This initiative symbolically aims to lead to a greener environment consciousness as a contribution for the years to come. Environmental protection is a long-term endeavor. What we do today will have a significant impact to us in the future.

In addition to the corporate organized activities, we also actively participate in local community activities such as Streets Wall Painting in collaboration with the Civic & Municipal Affairs Bureau, “Walk for a Million”, support the Funds Collection Campaigns organized by Tung Sin Tong, Caritas Macao, Orbis, World Vision, Care Actions and many others.