Press Release

CEM's excavation work at Pac On is expected to be completed before summer holiday ends

Macao, 29 July 2011 To optimize the power grid and enhance the power supply reliability, CEM is carrying out a large-scale project of the second interconnection with Guangdong Power Grid – the Lotus Interconnection and 220kV backbone. The new series of the excavation work is located at the section between the exit of Ponte da Amizade and Estrada de Pac On. With the Transport Bureau’s authorization, limited opening (occupying one driving lane) will be implemented in the section. The excavation work has been started and is expected to be completed on August 21. The work will be completed before the school summer holiday to reduce the impact on citizens.

During the construction period, CEM would like to remind the drivers be careful about the road conditions and follow the temporary traffic signs and indicators. The company recognises that the excavation work may cause inconveniences to the road users and would appreciate the public’s understanding in this matter.

CEM has always worked closely and held regular meetings to co-ordinate the excavation works with the relevant government departments and other public utilities, ensuring that the excavation works are not carried out repeatedly within a short span of time. In addition, CEM strives to minimise the impact caused by the duration and scope of road works on citizens.