Press Release

CEM participated in the 2011 MIECF and held a series of activities to promote environmental protection

2 April 2011, Macao

CEM set up a “Green Drive Booth” and exhibited its electric car and electric motorcycle to educate the public on how to enjoy green driving at 2011 Macau International Environmental Cooperation Forum & Exhibition (MIECF). In addition, CEM carried out two contract-signing ceremonies during the 3-days event.

On 1 April, CEM held a signing ceremony with Macau Ecological Society over the rainwater collection and wastewater recycling and reuse programme. Bernie Leong, Executive Director of CEM and Ho Wai Tim, Chairman of Macau Ecological Society, signed the letter of intent. Officiating guests included Wong Chan Tong, Chief of Office for Secretary for Transport and Public Works; Liu Yanshen, Chief Expert of Macau Ecological Society and Professor of Central China Normal University; Cheong Sio Kei, Director of Macao Environmental Protection Bureau; Wong Soi Man, Leader of Water Conservation Workgroup and Director of Maritime Administration; Arnaldo Santos, Director of GDSE, Lionel Vai Tak Leong, Vice-President of Environmental Consultative Committee, Lao Kuan Va, Executive Committee of the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and Lau Veng Seng, Honorary Chairman of Macau Ecological Society and Legislator.

Bernie Leong said that CEM has been dedicating to reduce the negative impacts caused by the company operation on environment with effective advanced technologies. Additionally, it has launched several water saving projects including the implementation of seawater desalination system, waste water treatment plant near the Coloane-B Power Station built in 2004 to ensure the quality of waste water dispensing into the sea will meet the official requirements. Also in 2008 a fully automatic online surveillance system was set up at the Coloane-A Power Station to monitor the waste water treatment system. CEM deems that rainwater collection and reuse is the trend in the future with respect to economy, environment protection and convenience and is sure to be the new strategy for the sustainable management of water resources.

On the same day, CEM held the “ISO14064 Greenhouse Gases Management System Certificate” Award Ceremony, and Fanny Zou, District Manager of Southern District, Certification Department, BVQI, issued this certification to João Travassos da Costa, CEM Executive Director. Officiating guests included Arnaldo Santos, Director of GDSE, Lionel Vai Tak Leong, Vice-President of Environmental Consultative Committee, Ho Wai Tim, President of Macau Ecological Society; António Trindade, Chairman of Macao Association of Environmental Protection Industry; Mok Iun Lei, Vice President of Productivity and Technology Transfer Center.

João Travassos da Costa said CEM has been strongly committed to being a devoted “green” partner with the Macao community. In addition to the ISO 14000 Environment Management Systems awarded to CEM in 2003 and re-awarded in 2006 and 2009, CEM is proud of being the first utility company in Macao to obtain the ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases Management System Certification. This is certainly an important milestone of CEM, proving its devotion and efforts in the areas of social responsibility and environmental protection. CEM obtained the certification without any assistance from external consultants, and the whole procedure was conducted internally.

CEM has put a great deal of efforts in reducing the greenhouse gases emissions level for over 10 years and is pleased to see very satisfactory results. In 2010, CEM achieved record lows in NOx, CO2 and SO2 emissions levels. As compared with 2001, the NOx and SO2 emissions levels are 90% lower and CO2 level is 38% less.

In a move to demonstrate Macau’s ecological beauty, CEM earlier held a photography contest named “Green Lens” for its staff, and the awarded works will be displayed in Macau Ecological Society’s Green Life booth during the MIECF, and the photography contest awards ceremony will be held at 3pm on 2 April.

CEM is committed to keeping on working closely with relevant associations and government departments to improve Macao’s environment and create a cleaner and greener Macao.