Press Release

CEM organizes graduation ceremony of CEM Electric Power Engineering Training which increases young engineers' professional knowledge about power system

23 February 2011, Macao

To cultivate more professionals for the future development of enterprises, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) partners with the University of Macau (UMAC) to organize CEM Electric Power Engineering Training- a training course for electric power professionals. At the auditorium of UMAC today, CEM Department Senior Managers, Prof. Philip Chun-Lung Chen, Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of UMAC; and Dr. Cheng Hing Wan, Director of Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) of UMAC officiated the graduation ceremony and awarded certificate to the trainees.

CEM Electric Power Engineering Training is the first professional training courses for power industry in Macao, as a part of the structural training scheme of CEM. With the assistance of FST and CCE of UMAC, experts and professors from Macao, Hong Kong and the mainland are invited as instructors.

Power and Network Dispatch Department Senior Manager Benjamin Yue congratulated the trainees on behalf of CEM and expressed his gratitude to FST and CCE of UMAC as well as the training instructors. He said the graduation ceremony marked a new milestone for CEM and UMAC’s partnership to train up professional electric power talents. Most of the colleagues had 100% participation rate. Noting that it’s not easy to reach such a high attendance rate for the yearlong training course as some colleagues were pressed with heavy workload of their daily tasks, he sang high praise for all participants for their dedication and efforts over the past year.

He added that many young people aspired to be an electric engineer, but they have to acquire wide-ranging professional knowledge before they can become qualified CEM electric engineers and make contributions to power development in Macao. After a year of training, he believed each student has built up the ability to manage, operate and maintain the electric power system of CEM and increased professional knowledge about power system. He hoped the colleagues can put into practice what they have learned and be prepared for CEM’s existing and future challenges and opportunities. He also expressed sincere gratitude to all of the experts and professors, directors and colleagues of relevant departments as well as the management for their support and assistance that helped the participants wrap up the training.

In his speech, Professor Cheng Heng Wan, UMAC, expressed gratitude to CEM for its trust on and support to the university, which enabled the university to launch and finish the training courses for engineers successfully. CEM is the only power supplier in Macao, the post of engineer is at the forefront of power supply and they shoulder broader responsibilities, which will directly influence Macao’s economic development and livelihood. Seeing the broad smile and confidence expressed in the eyes of trainees, the professor firmly believed the training result will further boost and propel Macao’s development. At the beginning of the year of the rabbit, UMAC is marking its 30th anniversary. “Three decades, a fruitful journey; UMAC’s future, let’s build it in unity” comes as the theme of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the university. Looking into the future, UMAC is now going through a rapid change and set its target of building it into a world-class university with regional characteristics. Thus, the university has taken a series of strategic measures, including reforming the undergraduate courses on the theme of premier undergraduate courses, establishing the city’s first honor college, further strengthen the international faculty and enhancing the international status of areas of excellence.

Professor Cheng added: “The new UMAC campus in Hengqin will be completed in 2012. Currently, the planning of the new campus has entered the view design stage, and it is expected that the new campus will be officially put into operation in the autumn of 2013. The Hengqin new campus of will not only become a new landmark of Macao, but also will become a cradle to nurture students and an incubator of science technology development.”

CEM always focuses on staff training by investing in various training courses regularly. With the assistance of FST and CCE of UMAC, CEM Electric Power Engineering Training upgrades young engineers’ professional knowledge about power system and leads them to be prepared for the future development of enterprises.