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CEM organize "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy" Fitness Competition to attract the public to do more exercise and pay attention to health

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM). Throughout the year, CEM will launch a series of exciting celebration activities for the public to participate in. To celebrate the 50th anniversary and reflect the spirit of CEM’s corporate slogan "Powering Forward", CEM will organize "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy" Fitness Competition in June to attract the public to do more exercise and pay attention to health. Persistent exercise can promote mental health, maintain a good body shape and relieve stress of living during the pandemic.

Contests with different themes will test the participants' abilities of strength, stability, speed and physical fitness. The contests will be conducted in individual or mixed teams of males and females according to the contents. The rankings will be based on the result of each contest. The final result will be evaluated by the rating of the accumulated scores. The first “elimination contest” will be held in the afternoon on 11 June (Saturday) to select 8 males and 8 females according to their scores. Afterward these entrants will participant in 4 different forms of contests (to be held in the afternoon on 28 & 25 June and 2 & 9 July) which include field orientation, beach relay contest, outdoor group contest and final contest.

The male and female participants will be awarded the prizes of fitness watch, body composition monitor, noise cancelling headphones and sporting goods coupons respectively according to their rankings. Participants will also receive CEM 50th Anniversary special edition electric massagers and sports towels.

All Macau Residential Identity Card holders aged 18 or over are welcome to join the "Stay Strong, Stay Healthy" Fitness Competition. Interested parties can fill in the online registration during the registration period (13 May 11:00am till 31 May 11:00am). For details of the regulations and registration, please visit CEM Website www.cem-macau.com, Facebook www.facebook.com/CEMMacao and WeChat.

CEM will launch more exciting celebration activities successively, including competitions of charity street dance, Rummikub, plus an eco-friendly flea market and many more. Stay tuned to CEM’s Facebook page and WeChat.