Press Release

CEM makes new achievements in safety performance with injury frequency rate and injury severity rate reaching record low

7 March 2011, Macao

“Even one industrial accident is regarded as too many.” CEM believes every injury accident can be avoided. It has been dedicated to ensuring each of its employees, customers, contractors, and suppliers can work in a safe environment, promising to insistently improve its performance of environmental protection and safety.

To reduce the number of work accidents, from power equipment maintenance workers to supervisors and even management level, everyone has to not only learn, grasp and practice related safety knowledge and skills, but also keep pace with the times by taking refresher courses regularly to grasp the latest information. To this end, CEM launches various trainings and activities on a regular basis to advocate occupational health and safety and allows all staff and the management to participate, with the aim of enhancing safety awareness of employees, urging them to do their job responsibly, and creating the company’s occupational health and safety culture.

In 2010, accumulated 5,587 hours were spent in the occupational health and safety trainings. To achieve the goal of zero accidents, CEM held a vast variety of safety promotional activities such as establishing SHEQ Awards, putting forward Safety Awareness and Safety Culture Communication Plan, Tool Box Talk, Safety Visit, organizing Safety Seminar, Safety Training and Certificate of Competence, Safety Quiz and Safety First Campaign, etc. CEM sent staff to participate in the annually Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao (GHKM) Safety Knowledge Competition. CEM won the 2nd Runner-up in The 5th GHKM Safety Knowledge Competition held in Guangzhou in 2009, and got the Champion, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up of The 6th GHKM Safety Knowledge Competition (Macao Territory, Enterprise Group) in 2010.

Besides the awards to CEM staff, CEM also established two awards - Health and Safety Excellence Award and Environmental Excellence Award, to praise CEM contractors and suppliers for their relevant and significant contributions in these areas. Companies attending the contest submitted proposals to CEM and went through a judging process. CEM was the first company in Macao to set up these awards and it aimed to enhance the cooperation with its commercial partners and created a safe and high-quality living for Macao citizens.

Thanks to the active participation of all staff and contractors, CEM has achieved a record of one year without work accident which has been the most satisfactory achievement in a decade. Injury Frequency Rate (IFR) and Injury Severity Rate (ISR) both stood at zero, reaching record low. Till now, CEM had no record of absence days due to accidents for one year, and other supporting departments and offices hit 1525 days. CEM has always been sparing no efforts to promote occupational health and safety. It adheres to the principle of “safety first”, and sets its safety vision at “Sustainable Safety Culture of Zero Accidents”. As a socially responsible company, CEM will continue to achieve superior safety performance, so as to facilitate the sustainable development in Macao and execute its corporate responsibility.