Press Release

CEM joins hands with Macau Fire Services Bureau to conduct a fire drill

27 August 2014, Macau

To test and evaluate the effectiveness of emergency evacuation procedure, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A. (CEM) recently joined hands with Macau Fire Services Bureau to conduct a fire drill at the main substation in University of Macau on Hengqin Island. The fire drill aimed to reinforce the two parties’ emergency responsiveness and coordination in case of accidents. The entire drilling process went smoothly and responsively.

The drill simulated a scenario that smoke emitted from an 11kV switchboard in the main substation of University of Macau and activated the smoke detection system. In accordance with the emergency procedures, CEM Dispatch Center immediately sent an Emergency Team to investigate the situation on site. CEM frontline staff together with the fire brigade took necessary emergency measures to resolve the problem.

After inspection and isolation of the power of the high-voltage switchboard, it had been identified that the incident was due to an earth fault of the high-voltage cable in a cabinet. The situation was under control and the fire drill was successfully concluded.

The fire drill provided a valuable opportunity to CEM and Macau Fire Services Bureau to test the participants’ emergency responsiveness and to identify room for improvement. Macau Fire Services Bureau dispatched five fire trucks on that day for smoke extraction, fire prevention and evacuation. The whole drill lasted for one hour with more than 20 persons involved. The whole process went smoothly.

Every year, CEM joins hands with Macau Fire Services Bureau to hold different types of fire drills, such as high-voltage substation fire drill; Coloane Power Station, Dispatch Center and CEM Building fire evacuation drill, etc. Furthermore, CEM conducts various types of specific drills for power grid equipment fault quarterly, covering new and existing operational facilities, in a bid to test and evaluate the effectiveness of the contingency plan, as well as to further enhance the emergency responsiveness of all the participating staff, and ensure the stability, sustainability and safety of the power supply facilities in Macau.