Press Release

CEM holds “Energy Saving Experience Sharing Seminar” to enhance energy saving awareness for sectors of hotel and food and beverages

8 September 2011

In order to further enhance customers’ energy-saving knowledge with the performance resulted from energy conservation, CEM co-organizes with Office for the Energy Development Sector (GDSE) again to hold the Energy Saving Contest. To align with this activity launched for promoting the important message on energy saving and environmental protection, an “Energy Saving Experience Sharing Seminar” is held at Hotel Royal from 15:00 to 17:00 on 8 September 2011 to provide a platform to the parties from industry sectors of hotel as well as food and beverage with an opportunity to share and exchange what they have learnt from energy conservation interactively.

In the welcoming speech, CEM Executive Director Jorge Vieira showed that CEM has always focused on energy saving and environmental protection and over the years we have launched several activities to raise public awareness in these areas. For the last two years, CEM co-organized with GDSE the “Energy Saving Contest”. The results were remarkable and achieved a total energy saving of 13,317,000kWh, therefore, the “Energy Saving Contest” is held again this year with GDSE to further promote the public energy-saving measures and the habit of conserving energy. In addition to organizing the “Energy Saving Experience Sharing Seminar”, as part of the contest, there are two seminars organized in July and October respectively this year targeting residential customers. The topics cover measures on stabilizing power supply, maintenance of public electrical installations in buildings, household energy saving measures, and customer services.

In the seminar, MGM Macau Director of Facilities Management Peter Chan made presentation on the “Energy Conservation Measures at MGM Macau”. Hotel Beverly Plaza Engineering Department Manager Mak Kam Chun introduced “New technology for conservation. Work together for the future”. The United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macao President Lei U Weng briefed about “Promoting energy conservation to enhance the competiveness of restaurants”. Macao Electro-mechanics Professionals Association President Cheang Io Tung introduced “To promote energy conservation with creative-thinking works”. In the Q&A section, CEM Customer Services Department Senior Manager Keegan Cheang answered questions and shared the experience interactively with the participants, all the attendants made strong discussion and shared the experience on energy saving issues interactively. Nearly 100 participants from both the industry sectors of hotel and food and beverage attended the seminar.

The seminar aimed to share and exchange the best energy saving practices from the industry sectors of hotel as well as food and beverages interactively, and apply this knowledge to raise the staff awareness on energy saving and environmental protection. Altogether it also helps to create a better and more comfortable living environment.