Press Release

CEM holds “Car Free Day” to encourage low-carbon life among staff

6 June 2011, Macao

In response to the annual “World Environment Day” on 5 June, CEM has set the first day of each month beginning from June of this year as “CEM Car Free Day”, calling on its staff to walk, carpool, take CEM shuttle bus, use public transit, or ride a bicycle instead of driving alone, in order to reduce vehicle emissions and protect the environment.

This “Car Free Day” isn’t meant for people to reject cars; rather, it aims to arouse their attention on environmental protection and the feasibility of low-carbon lifestyles, so as to achieve a harmonious relationship between human, vehicle and the nature. CEM staff showed great enthusiasm to participate in the “Car Free Day” activity. Over 200 people took part in this activity, among which 84 came to work on foot, 31 by carpool, 106 by CEM shuttle bus and public transit, and 2 by bicycle. CEM has also reserved parking spaces at CEM Building for employees arriving by carpool to support the activity. Participants of “CEM Car Free Day” expressed that they were glad to join this activity for the good of themselves and the next generation, as their small changes could save energy, promote the sustainable utilization of energy resources and reduce carbon emissions.

Apart from the “Car Free Day”, CEM also launched various kinds of activities such as tree planting, Energy Fun Fair, Building Energy Saving Competition, design competition of recycled wastes, Solar Energy Trial Programme and more each year to improve staff and citizens’ awareness of environmental protection. In order to achieve its environmental protection goals, CEM has been assembling resources to improve its equipment, and also set up monitoring systems. The carbon-dioxide emission of CEM has been decreased by 38% over the decade. Besides obtaining the ISO14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certification, CEM also successfully obtained the ISO14064: 2006 Greenhouse Gases Management System Certification in recent years, making it the first Macao public utility and also the first power supply company in both Hong Kong and Macao to have acquired such certification. CEM will continue to make efforts in building Macao into a low-carbon city.