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CEM and Macao Special Olympics continue to hold “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program, giving local minority groups career hopes

1 September 2011, Macao

Following the success of debut at last year, Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM) and Macao Special Olympics (MSO) continues to hold “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program this year. The launching ceremony of the program was held at the CEM Building this afternoon. The officiating guests include Peter Au, Acting Head of Department of Family and Community Service of Social Welfare Bureau, Hung Ling Biu, Head of Vocational Training Department of Labor Affairs Bureau, Yang Song Liu, Social Work Department Senior Assistant Director of Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the MSAR, Ung Choi Kun and Chan Wai Chi, members of the Macao Legislative Assembly, Chan Kin Sun, Paulino Comandante and Ho Kwok Ming, members of the Commission for Rehabilitation Affairs and CEM Customer Liaison Committee, as well as Ada Lo, Chairlady of Executive Committee of MSO. “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program aims to let the citizens with intellectual disabilities to improve their social and working skills through an actual working environment, so that they can be more confident and have a better integration into the society in the future. The program also gives the citizens with intellectual disabilities a precious working opportunity to develop their potentials and show off their talents. The first program at last year was successfully launched by recruiting 6 members from MSO to work in CEM for 3 months. CEM expands the program this year, by recruiting 8 members from MSO to work in different departments and offices for 4 months. CEM Chief Executive Officer Franklin Willemyns expressed his gratitude to MSO for their continuous cooperation to organize this meaningful program. He said that being a social responsible company, CEM has always been committed to promote and participate in charitable and public welfare activities to contribute back to the society. He was inspired by the achievement of the last year program as the trainees had learned a lot from this internship experience. CEM staff also enjoyed working with them and complimented on their performance. Furthermore, he wished the program can serve as a platform for the public to understand more about the citizens with intellectual disabilities.

MSO National Director Hetzer Siu is grateful to CEM for its years of support, giving the citizens with intellectual disabilities an internship and employment opportunity. He reviewed that the internship program at last year has received many positive feedbacks from the society; more companies are more willing to hire the citizens with intellectual disabilities, and the trainees has improved their adaptability at work with an enhanced employment motivation. After graduation, the citizens with intellectual disabilities are usually deprived of a chance to refine their skills and accumulate working experiences, such as most of this year trainees, who are lack of working experience. This highly affects their competiveness in the market. This internship program can then help them to accumulate different working experiences so that they can become employed and contribute back to the society in the future. Siu urged the government to take active actions to get more corporations and communities to gradually accept and support the citizens with intellectual disabilities, in order to create a barrier-free environment and induce their participation in the society.

During the ceremony, the guests and the trainees lit their own candles, as a symbolism of lighting the life with love and hope. CEM hope the trainees’ wishes can come true and they will work hard to attain a fruitful achievement. The atmosphere was warm and touching. CEM has cooperated with MSO since 1996. In spite of the cooperation in “CEM Brightening Stars” internship program, CEM has hired the citizens with intellectual disabilities – transferred by MSO – for car washing. CEM has also encouraged its staff to volunteer themselves for the charitable activities, supporting MSO physically and wholeheartedly. Exercising its corporate social responsibilities, CEM has devoted itself to the communities, and continuously provided financial and material support to different public welfare organizations in these years, as well as the technical support. CEM is also caring to the local minority groups. Despite the career opportunities offered to the citizens with intellectual disabilities, CEM has arranged different holiday visits to bring happiness and care to the elderly and children. In addition, the community program of CEM has also helped many families in economic or other difficulties to maintain their household electrical installation.