Press Release

CEM and General Residents Association of Macao jointly hold “Energy Saving and Safety” seminar

28 July 2011, Macao

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau—CEM, S.A. (CEM) and General Residents Association of Macao jointly held the “Energy Saving and Safety” seminar at 20:30 tonight at Macao Management Resources Centre of General Residents Association on Av. Horta e Costa, drawing over 40 members to attend the seminar.

The seminar mainly aims to introduce the measures on stabilizing power supply, household energy-saving measures, safe use of electricity, maintenance of public power installations, as well as customer services, in an attempt to encourage customers to reduce energy consumption and use electricity safely. The target participants of the seminar are mainly members of mansion owners’ associations of the south central area, and there were numerous attendees. The attending guests included General Residents Association of Macao Director Chang Cho Vai, General Residents Association of Macao Building Committee Director Simon Wong, CEM Customer Services Department Senior Manager Keegan Cheang, Network Operations & Maintenance Department Senior Manager Billy Chan, as well as Communications and Public Affairs Senior Manager Iun Iok Meng.

At the seminar, CEM Network Operations & Maintenance Department Engineering Support Unit Assistant Officer Alex Chui introduced the relevant measures on stabilizing power supply, and CEM Customer Services Department Metering Services Engineer Dave Leung briefed about the maintenance of public power installations and household energy-saving measures. CEM Customer Services Department Customer Contact Centre Officer Carly Vong introduced various customer services, including tariff collection and ways to communicate with CEM. Furthermore, CEM representatives answered questions from the participants and listened to their opinions.

Chang Cho Vai expressed gratitude to CEM for providing a good opportunity for mansion owners’ associations of the south central area to deepen their understanding about CEM services.

Keegan Cheang indicated that CEM has always been devoted to providing high-quality customer services to clients. The company will hold seminars and meetings regularly to enhance the direct communication with citizens and offer chances for customers to learn how to save on electricity consumption and how to use electricity efficiently.