Press Release

CEM Representatives visit Toi San Residents Association

13 July 2011, Macao

In order to strengthen the communication with the customers, CEM Customer Services Department Senior Manager Keegan Cheang, Customer Contact Centre Manager Jane Leong, Contracting and Billing Services Manager Uman Cheang, Customer Metering Services Engineer Dave Leong, Network Operation & Maintenance Department Senior Manager Billy Chan, Communications and Public Affairs Office Senior Manager Iun Iok Meng and Manager Cecilia Nip visited Toi San Residents Association in the morning on 13 July. The delegation was warmly received by the President of Bairro Tamagnini Barbosa (Toi San) Association, Lo Hang Peng, and Vice-Presidents Wong Iat Peng and Leong Kuan I. Both parties exchanged opinions on CEM Customer Services and the stability of power supply.

At the meeting, Uman Cheang and Dave Leong introduced about the government subsidy on electricity bill, the analysis on the residential electricity usage and the methods of energy saving respectively. Billy Chan gave a detailed account of the measures taken by CEM to stabilize power supply. Billy Chan mentioned that power reliability has been improving during the last years thanks to investments and improved maintenance even outperforming many neighboring cities. CEM has increased the maintenance inspections of equipments four-fold by shortening inspection time from once every four months to once a month. Meanwhile, more drills will be performed to improve incident response time – including using a mobile generator. By partnering with an authoritative and independent third-party, and by conducting assessments with specialists for operational improvements, CEM aims to continue to serve Macao with a first-class power supply service.

Keegan Cheang thanked for the reception of Toi San Residents Association and mentioned that the increase of CEM’s customer satisfaction relies on the close communication with different residents associations. Iun Iok Meng promised to strengthen future cooperation between two parties to further optimize customer services and communications with local associations.

During the meeting, Lo Hang Peng said that she hoped CEM could compassionate the citizen’s economic pressure and respond to public demands by reducing the tariffs; she also hoped that CEM can maintain a stable power supply. In regards to the network improvement project, for which CEM needs to carry out excavation works, she said the public generally understand that, but hoped CEM could enhance communication and minimize the impact on residents.