Press Release

CEM Customer Liaison Committee Visits the Three Gorges Dam Project

Macau, 15 October 2013

A 27-member delegation of CEM and its Customer Liaison Committee (CLC) departed from Macau International Airport for a five-day visit in Chongqing, Yichang and Wuhan. The delegation will mainly visit State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Corporation and the Three Gorges Dam Project, the largest water conservancy project in China and the world.

The delegation is led by Lei Chi Fong, CLC Vice President and President of Macao Goldsmith’s Guild; Iun Iok Meng, CLC Vice President and Advisor to CEM Executive Committee; Raymond Wong, CLC member and President of the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau Northern District. João Travassos da Costa, CEM Executive Director; Keegan Cheang, CEM Customer Services Department Senior Manager; Cecilia Nip, CEM Communications and Public Affairs Office Senior Manager are the Consultants of the delegation.

The delegation visited Chongqing Electric Power Corporation when they arrived in Chongqing and they were warmly welcomed by Liu Chang Sheng, Chief Engineer of Chongqing Power Supply Company and Xiao Dong, Vice President of the Electric Power Industry Association. CEM has a good relationship with the company, and they had studied the feasibility of cooperation between the two companies many years ago. During the visit, the two companies, as well as the Customer Liaison Committee, share experience in the field of customer services and receive a great deal of benefits.

The visit to the Three Gorges will mainly focus on the Three Gorges Dam located at the mainstream of the Yangtze River from Chongqing to Yichang, Hubei Province, which is the world’s largest hydroelectric power station and is also the largest dam ever built in China and the world. The construction of the project took 17 years from 1993 to 2009 and was conducted in three phases. Thirty-two 700,000-kilowatt hydroelectric generating sets, with a total installed capacity of 22.5 million kilowatts and an annual generating capacity of about 100 billion kWh, were installed upon completion. The Three Gorges Dam is largest hydropower station in the world. Through the visit, the delegation will deepen the understanding of the core benefits of the Three Gorges, including prevention and control, power generation as well as shipping, and learn about the construction and electricity generation of hydroelectric generating facilities. Established in 2000, CLC plays the role of a bridge to reflect the demands of different industries and customer bases. It is devoted to strengthening the communication and liaison between CEM and the customers, so as to enhance the transparency of CEM. Besides regular meetings, CEM also organizes visits to neighboring regions to allow members to enhance the awareness of the power industry. CLC visited Guangzhou Electric Vehicles Battery Changing Experience Centre, the Zhongzhou underground substation of China Southern Power Grid and Huizhou Pumped-Storage Hydropower Plant last year.

Delegation members also include:

Lei Kuong Chi Vice President of Association of Property Agents and Realty Developers of Macao;
Iun Ioc Va Chairman of The Industry and Commerce Federation of Islands of Macao;
Lam Vai Hong Taipa Office Coordinator of General Residents Association of Macao;
Wu Kin Wai Director of Macau Entertainment & Service Association;
Leng Sai Vai Vice Director of Macau Association of Retailers and Tourism Services;
Leong Meng Ian Vice Director of Taipa Office Director of Macao Federation of Trade Unions;
Chan Veng Iun Vice Director of Macao Association of Consumers of Public Utility Companies;
Ada Chan Vice President of The Women’s General Association of Macao;
Fong Kin Fu Vice Director of The United Association of Food and Beverage Merchants of Macao;
Simon Wong Vice Director of General Residents Association of Macao;
Cheang Io Tung Director of The Macao Electromechanics Professionals Association;
Tang Kuok Meng Vice President of Macao General Association of Real Estate;
Lai Sao Ieng Northern District Worker Services Centre Director of Macao Federation of Trade Unions  

Other CEM representatives include: Jane Leong, Lawrence Sun, Chris Chao, Jerry Lou, Emily Cheong and Gorilla Sou.