Press Release

CEM Ambassadors gave away “soup of love” to needy families to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival

28 September 2020, Macau

With the Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, CEM Ambassadors Team has joined hands with The Salvation Army Joy Family Integrated Service Centre Army (the “Centre”).  – Macau District to send the festival greetings by giving away “soup of love” and visiting needy families. Through the activity, CEM Ambassadors Team demonstrated its spirit of serving the public.

Edmond Etchri Sassouvi, Director of Generation Department at CEM, Cecilia Nip, Director of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Communications Office at CEM, and 20 CEM Ambassadors took part in the “Monthly Soup – Social Connection Project” of the Centre. In the morning they went to the public market together to buy fresh food, and then returned to the Centre to cook the soup. In the afternoon, Ms. Ng, representative of the Centre provided the CEM Ambassadors with a guided tour of the facilities of the Centre and introduced the daily operation of the Centre, as well as the issues they should pay attention to during the soup distribution activity. Later, CEM Ambassadors were divided into small groups to visit various families with soup and hampers for the Mid-Autumn Festival. After the visits, the ambassadors returned to the Centre to share their experiences. The activity was wrapped up in laughter and joy.

Through the CEM Ambassadors Team, CEM has been organizing different activities to show its care and love for people from different social classes. CEM expects the different volunteer activities to help its staff better understand different social issues as well as the needs of people from different backgrounds, thus prompting them to actively join community services and build a harmonious society.

It is expected that the activity will bring festive joy and warmth to the CEM Ambassadors and the neighborhood, the respective givers and takers of the charity activity, in order to shorten the distance between people and build a more loving and caring community.