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CEM Ambassadors attends the inauguration ceremony of teaching building in Guangxi Province

Macao, 2 July 2011

A 40-member delegation constituted by Macau Federation of Trade Unions Chairman Ho Suet Heng, President Chiang Chong Sek, Vice-President Vong Kuai Leng, Lei Cheng I and CEM Ambassadors went to Wuzhou city, Guangxi province to attend the inauguration ceremony of Macau Federation of Trade Unions teaching building. They received a warm reception from Guangxi Federation of Labor Union, the government at Dieshan District, Wuzhou city, and the municipal federation of labor union. They expressed thanks to Macau Federation of Trade Unions and CEM staff for their years of caring and support on the education course in the province.

Last May, a delegation led by CEM Iun Iok Meng and accompanied by Mo Yu Min, Deputy Director of the Central People’s Government Liaison Office Social Work Department, headed for Wuzhou city, Guangxi province to learn about the education cause at mountainous areas. Later on, Macao celebrities including Lei Hon Kei and Lei Chi Fong advocated building a teaching building at Dieshan District in the name of Macau Federation of Trade Unions. The teaching building has been completed, providing the school children in Dieshan District with a better educational environment.

At the inauguration ceremony of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions teaching building this morning, attendees are 300 guests from Wuzhou municiple federation of labor union, municipal education bureau, the government at Dieshan District and the education bureau at Dieshan District, as well as students. The atmosphere is lively and brisk.

During the ceremony, the Association of CEM & SAAM Workers consultant and CEM Communications and Public Affairs Senior Manager Iun Iok Meng and CEM Ambassadors donated subsidy to the teachers and scholarship to the 100 excellent students of Sima Primary School, Huaxin Primary School at Cangwu, Longzhou Middle School, Lihu Middle School of Yao ethnic group at Nandan County, Gaotian Ethnic Middle School at Yangshuo, Rongshui Ethnic Middle School.

Iun Iok Meng said that the Association of CEM & SAAM Workers has been concerning the national education cause. In particular, CEM Ambassadors have been actively participating in social activities in recent years and concerning the disadvantaged groups in Macau. It organized groups to join the efforts in poverty relief and education cause and participated in the inauguration ceremony (of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions teaching building), in an attempt to encourage the young staff learn about the national conditions of China and make more contributions to the social programs of the country and Macau. Iun Iok Meng anticipated that the completion of the new teaching building can offer teachers a better environment to foster talents, students in mountainous areas can study in the new building and make contributions to the country in the future.

Officiating guests at the ceremony included Mo Yu Min, Iu Veng Ion. Leong Io Chong, Kuan Kiang Chun, Sam Kei Cheong, Karen Tong, Chao Tak Veng, Lai Pek I, Lam Lai Keng, Themis Wong, Wong Iok Cheng, Fong Kuok In, Au Ieong Kong Meng, U Wut, Gorilla Sou, Ng Soi Hong, Belinda Chio, Mimi Cheong, David Leong, Lam Ngai Fong, Ronnie Chan, Lou Im Fai, Lei Kam Mun, etc.