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CEM Ambassadors Team members join Fu Hong Society volunteers in making ceramic crafts

5 September 2011, Macao

To show care for people with disabilities, more than ten CEM Ambassadors Team members and their families participated in Fu Hong Society’s activity at “Creative Corner” at Fai Chi Kei, spending a pleasant afternoon alongside persons with disabilities. The activity breaks the barrier between the disabled and the healthy through art, developing their cooperation and understanding through the pottery-making process.

On the day of the activity, Fu Hong Society invited many pottery-making professionals to guide CEM Ambassador Team members and the disabled in making ceramic decorations. Under the guidance of instructors, both parties earnestly devoted themselves to every step of pottery production. During the process, they fully expressed their rich imagination and creativity, creating unique handicraft works such as candle holders and Halloween puppets. Finally, they ended the activity in joyful laughter, after spending a fulfilling and meaningful weekend together.

The active participation of CEM Ambassadors Team members not only helped the disabled enjoy participating in activities during leisure time, but also allowed them to experience care from the society. On the other hand, participation in the activity can not only help CEM employees and their children learn the meaning of caring and helping others, but also guide children to understand the existence of different learning and living environments among diverse communities, thus enhancing mutual understanding and eliminating barriers.

CEM has made every effort to work on caring for the society as well as activities for the public’s interests. In addition to organizing “CEM Ambassadors Team” in 2004, CEM has frequently held and taken part in a series of meaningful activities in the society. The company will work harder in the future to provide love and care for disadvantaged groups in Macao, and will enhance the connection between all levels of the society to become their partner.