Smart City

Amid the global development trend of smart city, major cities are introducing smart streetlight systems one after another. These systems do not only examine energy consumption to save energy, but also collect real-time information about the city, such as real-time traffic, measurement data, air quality, temperature monitoring and so forth, providing more valuable data for the city. Smart streetlights can realize overall monitoring and management on the city’s environmental quality, safety of public areas as well as publicity of instant messages so as to improve the development level of new smart city as well as provide basic support for the construction of perceptive network.

Macau SAR Government issued its consultation on five-year development plan in building a smart city and suggest to collect environment information by using smart streetlights. As a public utility responsible for power supply and managing streetlights, CEM will cooperate with the Government’s requirements, in a bid to jointly shape Macau into a smart city that provides intelligent services for its residents. In mid-2019, we have installed and tested smart streetlights at Rua D. Belchior Carneiro, Avenida da Saúde at University of Macau Hengqin Campus and Avenida da Amizade.

Each streetlight is multifunctional, with equipment such as LED lamp, environmental sensor, WIFI hotspot, people counting sensor, traffic flow and speed monitoring device, camera, 4G/5G micro base station for communications, public information display monitor, tourism information interactive screen and public information mini-speaker, etc. During testing, the installation, activation and testing of sensitive equipment were carried out only after obtaining approval from the relevant authority, so as to comply with the related regulations and provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act of Macau.

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