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To accelerate the realization of the important goal of the Macau SAR Government to build a smart city, CEM has been continuously investing resources to develop smart services comprehensively in recent years, including promoting the application and development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI). As of December 2022, CEM has installed more than 120,000 smart meters, covering different types of customers such as residential, commercial and industrial, accounting for nearly 40% of the total number of customers. Among them, 80% of the smart meters have completed automated remote meter reading tests and are used for metering and billing.

On the other hand, CEM is studying the use of real-time data to streamline service processes, including real-time power reconnection, enabling the power supply service remotely, etc., hoping to reduce the time required for the processes and bring customers a more convenient service experience. 



Figure 1 - Smart Meter (Single phase supply)     


Figure 2 - Smart Meter (Three phase supply)

Meter installed without electricity supply contract

When moving to a new property, you may encounter a smart meter installed on the meter board, but there is no electricity supply to the property. This probably means that the property has no valid electricity supply contract. Please feel free to contact us to apply for electricity. After completing the procedures, we will resume the power supply remotely as soon as possible. 

Supply disconnection due to overdue bill

If electricity is disconnected and there is a yellow light on in the smart meter (Figure 3), it means supply is disconnected due to overdue bill. We will perform the reconnection as soon as possible after the settlement of overdue bill. 

Please do not switch the circuit breaker beside the meter for power reconnection, it may affect the communication of the smart meter and causing a delay on remote power reconnection. 

Figure 3 – Yellow light on to show supply disconnected in smart meter




Maintain the Circuit Breaker in ON position

Since the power supply to smart meter must be maintained for communication purposes, to avoid affecting the normal communication of the smart meter, please do maintain this Circuit Breaker in ON position (figure 4).


Figure 4 - Circuit Breaker in ON position on Meter Board




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