Electric Vehicle (EV)

How to Charge

Cardless Charging Flow

Getting started

1. Download CEM eService App

Part I 開始 - 1.png

2. Create/login CEM eService account

3. Create charging account in EV section (with a verification code via mobile)

Part I 開始 - 3_E.PNG


To start charging with the CEM eService App [Electric Vehicle (EV) -> Go to charge]

1. Choose charging station and charging plug 

Part II 開始充電 - 2.JPG

2. Connect the charging plug into your EV / above charging plug

3. Scan QR code on charger screen

Part II 開始充電 - 4.JPG

4. Click on “Start” on App

Part II 開始充電 - 5.JPG


To end the charging with CEM eService App [Electric Vehicle (EV) -> Go to charge]

1. Click on “Stop” on App

Part III 終止充電 - 1.JPG

2. Disconnect the charging plug from your EV

Part III 終止充電 - 2.JPG

Support Charging Standards

CEM’s charging stations are equipped with two types of charging systems:

Charging System 1

Charging System 2



Charging System 1 is available in two public car parks: Vasco da Gama Car Park and Park Lane Car Park, with Mode 1 charging type (choice of socket: 13A BS1363 or 16A CEE BS4343).

13A BS1363 3.png  

 16A CEE BS43434.jpg


Charging System 2

Support Mode 1 (13A BS1363 socket) and Mode 3 (16A IEC type 2).

Mode 1 (13A BS1363 socket) 3.png

For Mode 3, three types of connector standards are compatible. Ensure your charging cable fits into one of the following types:

  • 1) IEC type 2 to SAE type 1 cable (for Japanese/American EVs)


Example EV model: Nissan LEAF

  • 2) IEC type 2 to type 2 cable (for European EVs)


Example EV models: BMW i3, Renault ZOE

  • 3) IEC type 2 to type 1 cable, plus adaptor (for Tesla)


Example EV model: Tesla Model S