How long is the billing period?

We take meter reading and issue bills once per month, which on average would be 30 days. However, the billing period may vary having taken public holidays into account.

What factors will contribute to the units consumed and the billing amount?

Electricity consumption of electrical appliances and billing amount will increase/decrease if there are changes in weather conditions. In summer, air conditioner and refrigerator will consume more electricity and similarly with electric heaters in winter. Your bill may also increase if there is more frequent use of appliances, inefficient or faulty appliances being left switched on unnecessarily, etc.

Why is my bill different from my neighbors’?

It often happens that customers may compare their electricity bills with their neighbors’. Sometimes, they are similar, but at other times, they are not. With differences in size of premises, number of family members and their ages, quantity and brands of electrical appliances used, usage pattern, etc., considerable variances in electricity consumption are often noticed.

If my tenant has not settled his/her bills but the contract is registered under my name, am I responsible for the bill?

Yes, you are responsible for the unsettled bills because the legal person of the contract is the contract holder. Therefore, you should always apply for transfer of contract (change of contract name) within 15 days after selling or letting out apartment.

What is Tariff Clause Adjustment?

The tariff is adjusted according to the heavy fuel, natural gas and electricity importation cost of last quarter. The adjustment is fixed quarterly. The tariff clause adjustment referred to Executive Order 5/2007 of 19/03/2007, is applied to all tariff classes and to the energy units (kWh) used.

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