2022 Electricity Subsidy Measure for Households and Business Establishments – Household
What is “2022 Electricity Subsidy for Household”?

Residential customers will receive maximum monthly electricity tariff subsidy of MOP300 from the billing months of June to November this year. When the subsidy period ends, the remaining subsidy amount can be used with the same monthly capped amount in the next 6 months until the subsidy usage period is over. Any unused balance of the subsidy will be cleared when the subsidy usage period is over.  

Who are the beneficiaries?

All contracts classified as “residential” and are still active from 23 June to 19 December 2022. This is the same customer base that receives MOP200 monthly under the “Government Subsidy” Scheme.

What does the subsidy cover?

It covers the electricity fees of the month, including a total of four items: “Demand”, “Consumption”, “Tariff Clause Adjustment” and “Government Tax”, which are listed on the back side of the bill as shown below.

Can the subsidy be used for paying deposits, penalty charges, reconnection fee, odd cents and accumulated amount, etc.?

No. The subsidy can only be used to pay the “Current Month” (including Demand, Consumption, Tariff Clause Adjustment and Government Tax).

Can the subsidy be converted to cash, refunded or transferred?

No. The subsidy can only be used to pay electricity costs.

Do I need to apply for it?

No application is required. The monthly electricity subsidy will be automatically credited during the period.

How can I know the accumulated unused subsidy amount?

The accumulated unused subsidy amount is stated under the "Message" section on the monthly bill (as follows).

Does the subsidy begin on the first day of each month?

No. The subsidy starting date does not consistently commence on the first day of each month. Instead, each customer has a different consumption period for calculation and bill issue date each month. The earliest possible consumption period begins on 26 May. Customers can input the contract number on CEM WeChat or Website to ask "Chatbot" about their subsidized consumption period.

There are multiple government subsidy schemes in effect at the same time. How will the subsidies be transferred?

They will be transferred in the following order: 1) MOP200 “Government Subsidy” Scheme of the month; 2) MOP300 “2022 Electricity Subsidy for Household”.

When will I receive the bills of June to November?

The bill of next month will be issued on the day following the "Next Reading Date”.

If there is estimated bill involved during subsidy period, how is it handled?

It depends on the period with the actual reading taken successfully, there will be two ways of handling:

  • If the actual meter reading is taken during the subsidy period (June 2022 to May 2023 billing months), the amount of “2022 Electricity Subsidy for Household” will be adjusted according to the actual consumption with the following message shown on the back side of the bill.
  • If the actual meter reading is taken after the subsidy period (June 2022 to May 2023) and the involved estimated bill is from the subsidized months, it will be adjusted in June to July 2023 bills, the relevant subsidized amounts will not be adjusted afterwards. Customers is suggested to report self-reading or make meter reading appointment during this period to adjust the estimated bills.
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