Electricity x Culture and Creativity - Pillar Box Revitalization with Art

Pillar boxes are transformed into community artworks to enhance the city's artistic and cultural feel

CEM has launched the “Electricity x Culture and Creativity - Pillar Box Revitalization with Art” activity since 2017. Various art groups and entities in Macau were invited to participate in the activity to revitalize the outdoor pillar boxes and customer substations. The paintings have transformed the mundane electrical equipment into extraordinary artworks, bringing citizens and tourists a brand new visual experience.

CEM held cultural and creative activities in the hope of pushing forward the development of local cultural and creative industries.

Citizens are welcome to track these pillar boxes on streets and capture these artworks.

Art pieces by artists from Macau Artist Society

Art pieces by illustrators from Macao Illustrators Association

Art pieces by students from the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of the Macau University of Science and Technology

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