Electricity x Culture and Creativity - Customer Substation Revitalization with Art

Repaint customer substations to demonstrate the vibe of local culture and creativity

CEM hopes to provide a public platform for creativity through this program, bringing citizens and cultural and creative workers closer together, in a bid to help citizens learn more about their creation process as well as to support and promote the development of local cultural and creative industry.


Olá COLOANE - Sam, Ho Chi Kei (Macao Illustrators Association)
Since the customer substation is in a tourist spot in Coloane, the design is mainly to promote the beautiful island of Coloane. With rich and bright colors as the background and a large word painting "Hello Coloane" in Portuguese as the main visual, it implies that Macau, which has distinctive Chinese and Western characteristics, is a place of cultural exchange between China and the West.

Unique Family Daily - Choi Iong Iong (Macao Illustrators Association)
With the search for Macau’s specialty snacks as the starting point, the four original characters created by the artist are put together with snacks, such as egg tarts, barbecued pork buns, and shumai. In order to attract the pedestrians, the artist used cheerful and bright colors, as well as dramatic expressions of the characters to express their passion and pursuit of food.

HELLO MACAO - Vanessa Oliveros Yam (YCC) (Macao Illustrators Association)
Macau is a small city full of characters. The creative concept is to look at Macau through the perspective of a little girl. In her eyes, there are many wonderful ideas and imaginative elements. The artwork is based on a colorful palette and then infused with the characteristic elements of Macau, for instance, the small objects in the surroundings. It allows the tourists or visitors to pause and appreciate the small details of the work.
Lovely us - Chan Chon Long (Bony guy) (Macao Illustrators Association)
This design was created with a colorful vegetable theme. Graffiti on the street is typically based on texts and portraits, so the artist wanted to create under a theme related to daily life, and finally decided to use ordinary vegetables with cute eyes and expressions, combined with the character of the artist himself - “Bony Guy” to create this rather interesting looking piece.

Good Time in Macau - Ho Chi Kei (Macao Illustrators Association)
As the customer substation is located at a place frequented by many tourists, the painting mainly aims to promote Macau. Characteristic Portuguese tiles are used to decorate the lower deck. Paired with English words “Welcome to Macau” and featuring a colorful backdrop as well as patterns, the creation implies that Macau is a bridge between Chinese and western cultures with strong and unique heritage.
Macau-Day & Night - Chan Ka Ian (Macao Illustrators Association)
Themed on Sino-Portuguese integration, the design ties in with the surrounding environment of the customer substation and depicts the quiet, cozy city of Macau from dawn to dusk.
The artwork uses geometric patterns to depict the outdoor scenery, and adds the element of Portuguese tiles to represent the Portuguese culture. The drawing uses the motif of small houses to highlight Macau as a small city featuring both Chinese and Portuguese cultures and architectures. Macau is a quiet and comfortable city during both daytime and nighttime, so the circle in the drawing can represent the sun or moon.
Warmth - Ken Ho (Macao Illustrators Association)
Although the city of Macau is developing rapidly, Taipa Village remains one of the low density areas. The customer substation is covered with abstract plant illustrations and warm colors. It no longer gives a sense of coolness as it integrates into the greenery near Carmo Hall.
Home - Yolanda Kog (Macao Illustrators Association)
The work features Portuguese tiles in concise lines and colors, with the building “Carmo Hall” behind the substation as the main element of the composition. The interior of the building features clean lines and colored tiles, with various suns and a door added in the middle, echoing the surrounding environment of old district and making the substation look like a small house.
Blend - Pat Lam (Macau Artist Society)
This fish-themed artwork is created by four artists, each expressing their impression of the Rotunda de Carlos da Maia through their own painting styles. It symbolizes a multicultural inclusiveness in the district and interprets the core culture of Macau.
Blend - Jacky Lee (Macau Artist Society)
This fish-themed artwork is created by four artists, each expressing their impression of the Rotunda de Carlos da Maia through their own painting styles. It symbolizes a multicultural inclusiveness in the district and interprets the core culture of Macau.
Games Beyond Time & Space - Lao I Wo (Macau Artist Society)
Zhuangzi’s “Theory of the Equality of Things” expresses that everything is basically the same, there is no difference and all are equal. Each person will somehow have to make choices or game in one’s lifetime. The artwork depicts people from different centuries with Paul Cezanne’s art piece “The Card Players”, echoing the theory of Zhuangzi.
The Beauty of Silhouette - Sam Pak Fai (Macau Artist Society)
Themed on Rotunda de Carlos da Maia, a scenic spot in Macau, the artwork showcases the unique beauty of Rotunda de Carlos da Maia in the form of silhouettes and uses vibrant colors to make the previously dull customer substation look colorful and lively.
Dance of Freedom - Christina Kong (Macao Illustrators Association)
Canidrome, with a history of over 80 years, will be decommissioned, which means greyhounds will no longer have to compete hard every day and can take off their racing jackets to enjoy the air of freedom. However, there is this problem of where to lodge them in the future. It is hoped that these greyhounds can find new homes as early as possible to enjoy their retirement life, rather than being abandoned.
Harmonious Scene with Various Fruits - Taylor Wu (Macao Illustrators Association)
As the substation is located near Canidrome and surrounded by many fruit stalls, a harmonious scene is created by combining different types of dogs and fruits.
Bravery - Tramy Lui (Macao Illustrators Association)
In view of the nearby Macau Yat Yuen Canidrome, the gallant and heroic sights of racing dogs were reproduced on the substation. Many of the most representative elements of dog racing were included in the artwork, such as the numbered gates, sports field, race dogs and more, in a bid to strike a chord among citizens in Macau. The sharp contrast of colors scattered on the artwork of the substation can catch the eyeballs of the passersby. It is an artwork that features heartfelt sentiment and design elements.
If Love Between Both Sides Stays with The Canidrome - Fong Wai Peng (Macao Illustrators Association)
Stand here and look at Yat Yuen which has been in existence for years and surrounded by the communities. What we grew up with was not just greyhound races, but rather the human touch.
The Puppet Sisters - Chan Ka Ian (Macao Illustrators Association)
The little puppet sisters are having fun and looking for food in the jungle. The customer substation is designed to integrate with the surrounding environment, including a variety of shops, open-air market and restaurants near Rua do Cunha and Taipa Municipal Market. Both citizens and tourists are indulging in shopping and food searching.
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