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Metering and Electrical Installation

Is it comparatively “better” if the subscribed demand is higher?

Subscribed demand refers to the maximum electric load (kVA or kW), in which, refers to the total power of electrical appliances you can use simultaneously. Different subscribed demand will only affect charges like demand charge, guarantee deposit, etc. You may consult your electrical technician to determine the demand according to your actual needs to eliminate unnecessary charges.

Why my meter is different from my neighbor’s?

Since meters are from different manufacturers and sources, their outlook and structure may be different. However, each meter has stamped with CEM logo and CEM property No. , as well, with being undergone in-depth examination and verification by our technicians before installation to ensure that it conforms to international standards.

Why CEM doesn’t repair the electrical installation for me?

There are different types of electrical installation that have been categorized as CEM and customers’ responsibility to repair and maintain:

  • CEM is responsible for and shall bear the cost of all maintenance and repair of electricity supply system, from the substations, along medium- and low-voltage networks, to the point at which the electricity is connected to the apartment or office/factory building.
  • Customers are responsible for and shall bear the cost of the maintenance and repair of in-house electrical installations that he/she owns, as well as the collective electrical installations.