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Meter Reading

Why does CEM estimate my electricity consumption?

Meter reading is taken on the date indicated on the bill as “Next Reading Date”. If our meter reader is unable to access meter due to meter being locked upon, inaccessible private places, or under extreme conditions like typhoons, we will estimate the electricity consumption.

How does CEM estimate my electricity consumption?

We will estimate the electricity consumption based on the average electricity consumption during the most recent 12 months with remark stated on the bill to indicate it is an estimate meter reading.  After the meter is successfully read, the monthly bill will be recalculated based on the electricity consumption between two actual readings; besides, the estimated amount that has been paid and the government subsidy for the affected month(s) will be refunded on the bill.

To avoid estimation, you can provide us a self-reading via our eService, by fax (2833 9912), e-mail (, or call our Info Line at 2833 9911. You can also arrange an appointment for meter reading by the above channels

If our staff cannot read the meter on the date of meter reading, can I provide a self-reading to CEM?

Yes, before 3 days of the next meter reading date, simply go to our eService, contact our Info Line at 2833 9911, fax  (2833 9912), e-mail (, or visit our Customer Contact Centres to provide us a self- reported meter reading. However, you are only allowed to provide a self-reported meter reading for 3 consecutive months and meter reading appointment must be needed on the fourth month to take the reading.