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When you apply for electricity supply or increase of subscribed demand, should you need to change your electrical installations, you may refer to the "Electrical Contractor List" to contact the electrical technicians for consultation and clarification of the related information and provided service.


Electrical Contractor List Disclaimer

  1. The “Electrical Contractor List” in Companhia de Electricidade de Macau, CEM – S.A. (CEM) is for customers’ reference only and all the information in the list is provided by the related Electrical Contractors.
  2. The Electrical Contractors included in the list are not certified or recommended by CEM, nor are the Electrical Contractors not included in this list the ones that are not certified nor recommended.
  3. CEM will not be liable for any electrical engineering work performed by any Electrical Contractors included in this list.
  4. Customers themselves should verify the services (including language competence) provided by the related Electrical Contractors and CEM will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred due to this usage.
  5. For the information related to Electrical Contractors, CEM reserves the right to delete, suspend and/or update the information contained in the list at any time without prior notice.
  6. CEM reserves the right to amend or interpret the disclaimer content and the updated version will replace the previous one with revising date stated at any time without further notice.
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