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"CEM Norm" (NCEM) aims to formulate general technical specifications to be followed in the design of electrical installations in buildings supplied by CEM network. It is applicable to new collective electrical installations, service lines of buildings, communal electrical installations and metering installations, etc., that are supplied by CEM distribution network or customer substations, as well as the renovation and transformation of existing electrical installations. It provides relevant design requirements and standards for engineers in the field of design, as well as provides installation requirements and acceptance standards for construction engineers and supervisors.

In addition to setting basic requirements for the development of electrical infrastructure in the society, NCEM will also be adjusted in a timely and appropriate manner in response to urban development and the popularization of household electrification. In 2018, the minimum requirements for the attributed load of the flat were revised to reduce the need to modify the building's communal electrical installations due to insufficient power demand, and the design requirements for new buildings in low-lying areas were revised to enhance the disaster resilience of customer facilities. In 2022, the coefficient factor of electric vehicle charging, and smart meter installation standard are added to meet the current and future development of the society.

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