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Temporary Supply for Other Events

If there is no permanent connection to your event site or your business installation is not for permanent use, you can apply for a temporary electricity supply.


Documents to be presented:

  • Copy of applicant identification[1] and copy of business registration issued within the last 3 months if the applicant name is a company;
  • Map of scale 1:1000 of the site location proposed for the temporary switchboard;
  • Description in one A4 page with the requested subscribed demand (kVA), residual operating current (mA) of circuit breaker, short-circuit breaking capacity (kA) of the incoming circuit breaker, purpose of the supply (trade fair, exhibition, festival or other short term event), and period for the use of temporary supply;
  • Schematic electrical diagram of temporary switchboard installation;
  • Declaration of Electrical Technician (with his/her ID copy);
  • Copy of license issued by the respective government bureau for trade fair, exhibition, festival or other short term event.



  • Connection charges according to the temporary installations of trade fair, exhibition, festival or other event
  • Deposit according to the requested subscribed demand


Time required:

  • The connection of the requested temporary supply depends on the approval of electrical installation on the site, payment of the respective charges and nature of CEM job.
  • Low Voltage supply can be completed in 10 working days after obtaining IACM license.
  • Medium Voltage supply can be completed in 30 calendar days and after customer substation (PT) civil works approval.



[1] Macau ID, HK ID, PRC ID or Passport of different countries.

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