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Tariff for Electric Means of Transport - General Charging Tariff

Tariff for Electric Means of Transport [1] is applicable to electricity supplied by medium or low voltage and used for charging of electric means of transport.


According to the power consumption characteristics of electric means of transport, the tariff is classified into Public Charging Tariff and General Charging Tariff. 


Subscribed Voltages

Low voltage (LV):  230/400 V

Medium voltage (MV): 11,000 V 

General Charging Tariff, namely private charging, is applicable to the charging facilities not covered by the Public Charging Tariff.  General Charging Tariff is charged according to "time-of-use".

General Charging Tariff is charged according to the total charging consumption in a month and is calculated based on the following items:

 Subscribed Demand (in unit of kVA)
Maximum electric load available as stated in the supply contract and controlled by the meter size and protection device.


Consumption (in unit of kWh)
Total units of electricity consumed during the billing period.


Tariff Clause Adjustment (TCA)
Adjustment in tariff to reflect fluctuation in energy production cost that is fixed quarterly.


Government Tax 
Monthly tax payable for the usage of electrical installation.


Prices [2] 


Subscribed Demand

Subscribed Demand Charge

Up to 3.4 kVA

8.224 (MOP)

Above 3.4 kVA to 6.9 kVA

18.796 (MOP)

Above 6.9 kVA

3.372 (MOP/kVA)


Tariff Period



Low-load hours
(10 hours)

23:00 - 09:00

0.817 (MOP/kWh)

Full-load hours
(14 hours)

09:00 - 23:00

1.552 (MOP/kWh)


Calculation method:

Charging fee = Demand + Energy charged (kWh) x (Consumption + TCA)+ Government tax





Unit Price (MOP)

Amount (MOP)

Demand6.9 kVA  18.80
(low-load hours)
160 kWh0.817130.72
(full-load hours)
40 kWh1.552 62.08 
Tariff Clause Adjustment200 kWh0.40080.00
Government Tax
(0.75 x √6.9)
Total  293.60



[1] Administrative Regulation n.º 25/2022 of June 27.

[2] Executive Decree n.º105/2022 of June 27.

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