Billing Information

Tariff Group D

Tariff Group D[1] is applicable to electricity supplies in high voltage network.


Standard Voltages

High Voltage (HV): 66,000 V or 110,000 V



Consumption charges under Tariff Group D are based on:


Demand - Demand in kW calculated by 0.2Pc + 0.8Pu


  • Highest measured demand in kW during a given billing period.



  • Subscribed demand in kW.
  • Subscribed demand for the installation provided by the customer should not be lower than 50% of the transformer installed capacity.
  • If Pu is continually lower than Pc for the last 12 months, the value of Pc will be automatically updated to the value of Pu of the last 12 months; this will take effect in the 13th
  • If Pu exceeds Pc, the value Pc will be updated to the value of Pu
  • if reading cannot be taken, then Pu=Pc


Active Energy

  • Energy measured in kWh.


Reactive Energy

  • Energy measured in kVArh.
  • The inductive reactive energy metered during full-load hours is the reactive energy delivered from public electricity network to customer installation. Only the portion of reactive energy that exceeds 40% of the active energy metered in the same billing period is charged.
  • The capacitive reactive energy metered during low-load hours is the reactive energy delivered from customer installation to public electricity network, which is fully charged.


Tariff Clause Adjustment

Adjustment in tariff is fixed quarterly to reflect the fluctuation in the cost of electricity generation and importation of the previous quarter.


Government Tax

Monthly tax payable for the use of electrical installation.


Tariff Periods

Full-load hours: 08:00 - 23:00

Low-load hours: 23:00 - 08:00


 Prices [2]


Tariff D



Active Energy

Full-load hours

0.770 ( MOP/kWh)


Low-load hours


Reactive Energy

Full-load hours



Low-load hours




[1] Administrative Regulation n.º 25/2022 of June 27.

[2] Executive Decree n.º105/2022 of June 27.

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