Optimizing power facilities in low-lying areas

Preparation before typhoons

During typhoon period, citizens should pay close attention to storm surge warnings issued by the Macao Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) and the latest news posted on CEM Facebook fan page and WeChat, and can take the following measures to prepare for typhoons.

Personal Safety

  • Do not park your vehicle in underground car park or areas that may be affected by flooding;
  • The building’s power system may be suspended by flooding. Do not take elevator;
  • Do not go to flooding affected and low-lying areas as a surge of seawater will flood into the land in a short period of time, resulting in a sharp rise in water level.
  • Stay in a safe place or go to higher ground. Stay away from low-lying areas such as the basement or underground car park;
  • Should stay at home during typhoon. Do not go wind or wave watching.


Electricity Safety & Household Protection

Electricity Safety

  • Prepare an eco-friendly rechargeable or hand crank flashlight;
  • Do not place appliances near windows to prevent damaged by rainwater;
  • Do not touch any soaked power facilities;
  • Ensure an alternative power supply or a contingency arrangement if there is any electrical life support equipment in your house;
  • Turn off the main switchboard immediately if there is flooding occurred indoor.

Household Protection

  • Apply tapes on the windows in “米” shape, to prevent glass from cracking;
  • Check the condition of windows and doors and repair immediately if they are damaged;
  • Stay away from windows to prevent from injury in case they are broken and cracked;
  • Remove items from the balcony which are easily blown down or dropped by strong winds, such as flower pots and hanging stick.

Building & Merchant

  • “Raise” the electrical appliances and goods if possible to reduce damage from flooding;
  • If there is frequent seawater intrusion in the area, you can use cement to seal part of the floor drain and install a water barrier.
  • Building management firm should stop the escalator at 1st floor instead of ground floor to avoid damage due to flooding;
  • Better turn off the main switchboard if it is not necessary to keep electrical appliances operating such as refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.;
  • Be fully prepared in advance if you are in a low-lying area, and avoid staying inside the store when the storm strikes;
  • Should the installation is affected by flooding, hire a professional individual to check whether the electrical installation is properly functioned before usage.

In case of power incidents, customers can report to us with this link: https://bit.ly/2pb4Eya.