Optimizing power facilities in low-lying areas

Optimizing power facilities in low-lying areas


Under the influence of global warming, extreme weather events have increased in frequency in recent years. When typhoon strikes, sea level often rises rapidly as a result of storm surge, causing flooding in low-lying areas from time to time along the coast of Macau. Due to exposure of power facilities to floodwater, power supply could be interrupted.

Providing reliable and stable power to Macau citizens has always been our top priority. In response to the challenges posed by extreme weather, relevant Government departments and CEM have conducted reviews and discussions on improving disaster prevention and resilience of power facilities, and have formulated a number of improvement measures for low-lying areas to continuously optimize the power grid and expand local infrastructure, so as to achieve comprehensive and effective protection of stable power supply in Macau. In the event of an emergency, in order to protect personal safety of the public and prevent the flood from causing permanent damage to power facilities, CEM may implement power suspension, depending on the flooding situation.

 Customers’ Flood Control Measures

 Power Suspension Measures