Technical Skills Assessment for Electrical Technicians

Technical Skills Assessment for Electrical Technicians

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Enhance the skills and competencies of the electrical technicians in Macau by assessing their professional knowledge and technical skills, as well as encourage more people to join the power industry and ensure sufficient talent supply for the sector.


All industries require practitioners to possess the relevant professional skills. Through the objective and standardized benchmarks of the Technical Skills Assessment, electrical technician’s competencies can be evaluated systematically and consistently.

The Technical Skills Assessment allows electrical technicians to understand their expertise and identify their shortcomings, so that they can pursue continuing education to enhance their professional skills, achieve the competencies and safety standards required by the job and strengthen their competitiveness.

Rooted in Macau for over 40 years, CEM has extensive knowledge and experience as a member of the electrical engineering industry in Macau, covering various fields such as low-voltage power supply technical specifications, distribution equipment installation and maintenance, cable laying and installation as well as electrical safety, etc. In view of the development of electrical skills and regional integration, CEM hopes to facilitate the establishment of an assessment system and standards for electrical technicians, so as to enhance their recognition in the industry, determine the skill positioning for the younger generation, promote cultivation of talents, and enable the sustainable development and inheritance of relevant skills.

To this end, CEM specially provides the Technical Skills Assessment for electrical technicians in Macau. Through assessing two parts – “Knowledge” and “Skills”, candidates will be evaluated on their level of understanding in both theoretical concepts and mastery of practical skills. Electrical technicians who have passed the Assessment will be recognized as attaining an excellent ability level in related electrical fields. In-service and prospective electrical technicians are welcomed to apply for the Assessment.

In addition, CEM will consolidate and analyze the data obtained from the Assessment in order to continually optimize the training course system and standards.

Assessment Method

The Assessment is divided into two parts, “Knowledge” and “Skills”, which comprehensively evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of occupational safety and applications of skills. Candidates who have passed the assessment will be awarded a certificate.

Assessment Content

  • Knowledge (written exam, 1.5 hours)

Knowledge of basic electricity, technical specifications and theory of low-voltage power supply, uninterruptible power supply and knowledge of occupational safety and health, and so forth.

  • Skills (actual operation, 3 hours)

Practical skills in cables, protective devices/conductors and circuit arrangements, low-voltage equipment, lighting installation and testing, application of meter and occupational safety, and so forth.