System Dispatch Center


The System Dispatch Center is located at Porto Exterior Substation, which is responsible for real-time monitoring of the entire power system. Through coordinating the network operations in generation, transmission and distribution by the System Dispatch Center, the optimal performance of the power system is achieved and ensure delivering the safe and reliable electricity supply to customers.

CEM installed the Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) and power communication network in all HV primary substations and MV customer substations. Large amount of real-time data including operational status, alarm and measurement from substations are transmitted to the centralized SCADA/EMS/DA system through the communication network. It is realized for the dispatchers to closely monitor and control the entire power system. When power outage occurs, the dispatchers can identify the fault situation based on the real-time alarms and issue the remote control to restore the power in fast response via the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, thus it minimizes customers’ outage time. The Energy Management System (EMS) can provide the in-depth analysis of state-estimation, contingency analysis, power flow, etc., to assist System Dispatch Center on the right decision making of network operation, as well as the optimization of daily operation in the power system.

In order to continuously improve the stability and reliability of the MV distribution network, besides of the traditional Open Rings using Power Line Carrier (PLC) technology, CEM implemented the Closed Ring Distribution System in 2008 that can automatically determine and quickly isolate the fault location. Additionally, in order to fully realize the smart grid development, CEM continues to enhance the reliability of MV communication.

Considering the System Dispatch Center has been in operation for around 20 years and its location, office space, auxiliary systems and equipment are no longer adequate to accommodate the current and future needs, CEM is planning to build the New Dispatch Center and the current control center at Porto Exterior Substation will upgrade as the future backup dispatch center. At the same time, SCADA/EMS/ADMS system will be upgraded adopting state of the art technologies to enhance the intelligence of dispatch management.

In order to achieve the corporate vision of “To be a leading energy services provider in Asia”, CEM will continue to strengthen the implementation of smart grid including various advanced technologies like smart metering, EV charging facilities, renewable energy, network automation, cyber security, asset management, smart street lighting, common services tunnel, etc. Also, CEM will proactively accelerate the digital transformation so as to optimize business processes and operational efficiency. It would further improve the reliability of power supply, provide customers with the best solutions and meet the energy demand of the future society.