System Dispatch Center


The System Dispatch Center, via SCADA/EMS system, coordinates generation, transmission and distribution control into one centralized control center hence achieving optimal performance of the power system. Our customers particularly benefit from the Distribution Automation (DA) functions in terms of power supply quality and reliability.

The SCADA system is based on an open system architecture that uses the most updated international standards. It allows expansion and integration with other systems without any barrier.

An Energy Management System (EMS) is incorporated to ensure optimization, safety and reliability of the network. Analysis is performed regularly, providing feedback to Dispatchers to get the highest efficiency of the power system.

The implementation DA functions allows CEM to reduce the number of power interruption with real-time monitoring the whole 11kV distribution network operations.

On the other hand, the duration of the power interruption is drastically shorter than before, as remote controls replaced site interventions. Remote isolation and quick power restoration can now be performed easily from the control room, which greatly helps in reducing the average interruption time.

Considering the Systems Dispatch Center has been in operation for more than 16 years and its location, office space, auxiliary systems and equipment are no longer adequate to accommodate the current and future needs. CEM is planning a project to build a new dispatch center located at the Coloane Power Station, at the same time, to upgrade our SCADA/EMS/DA systems using new and state of the art technologies to sustain the future development. By the time when the project is completed, this will be the first LEED-certified green operation center built by CEM and the current control center at Porto Exterior will become the future Backup Dispatch Center.

With current trends in the supply and use of energy becoming increasingly economically, environmentally and socially, smart grid development is playing a significant role to achieve sustainable growth and CEM is undergoing several relevant projects, including smart metering, EV facilities expansion, renewable energy, network automation, asset management, smart street lighting, etc.