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Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) is a public utility company with the sole concession to transmit, distribute and sell high, medium and low-voltage electricity in Macau. CEM also owns power generation facilities.

The Macau electricity transmission network comprises 26 primary substations, 8 customer high-voltage switching stations and a total length of 1,007.7 kilometres of 66kV, 110kV  and 220kV high-voltage cables. The Macau electricity network is connected with China Southern Power Grid via two 110kV cables and two 220kV cables. The two 110kV cables are connected to Gongbei Substation and Nanping Substation, while the two 220kV cables are connected to Zhuhai Substations and Qinyun Substation.

The 11kV medium-voltage electricity transmission network comprises 42 customer switching stations and 1,553 customer substations (11kV/400V) connected by cables with a total length of 2,352 kilometres. The low-voltage transmission network is made up of 922 kilometres of cable, while the street lighting network comprises 577 kilometres of cable and about 11,303 streetlights. The power network of CEM is almost entirely comprised of underground cables.