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Business Overview

Companhia de Electricidade de Macau - CEM, S.A. (CEM) is a public utility company with the sole concession to transmit, distribute and sell high, medium and low-voltage electricity in Macau. CEM also owns power generation facilities.

The Macau electricity transmission network is comprised of 26 primary substations, 8 high-voltage (HV) switching substations with a total length of 1,030 kilometers of high-voltage cables ranging from voltage levels of 66 kV, 110 kV and 220 kV. The Guangdong-Macau electricity network consists of two 110 kV interconnection channels and two 220 kV interconnection channels. The two 110 kV interconnection channels were connected to Gongbei Substation and Nanping Substation respectively while the two 220 kV interconnection channels were connected to Zhuhai Substation and Qinyun Substation.

The 11 kV medium-voltage (MV) electricity distribution network is comprised of 1,618 customer substations and 43 customer switching stations (11 kV/400 V) connected by MV cables with a total length of 2,503 kilometers. The low-voltage (LV) distribution network is made up of 985 kilometers of cable, while the street lighting network comprises 580 kilometers of cable and 15,918 streetlights. Almost entire CEM’s power network in both transmission and distribution is comprised of underground cables.

Our Vision

To be a leading energy service provider in Asia


Our Mission

  • To create values for shareholders and community
  • To provide reliable, safe, sustainable and environmental-friendly energy services
  • To be a trustworthy company by realizing our core values
  • To provide excellent customer services
  • To cultivate a harmonized and professional team


Our Core Values
We place highest regards to integrity and professional ethics. We are honest, accountable, reliable and fair. We encourage innovation and strive for continuous improvement.
Care for the community
We uphold the spirit of customer first, we are committed to supporting and creating value for the community we serve.
Respect and trust for people
We treat our employee with respect, fairness and understanding.
Care for the environment
We provide excellent and reliable services in a sustainable way.
Our Commitment
To our employees
Increased job satisfaction, more opportunity for self-development, great pride in the company they are the most valuable asset of.
To the community
Commitment to making Macau a better place to live, work and visit.
To the environment
Cleaner and greener operations, higher awareness of environmental impact.
To our shareholders
Greater operating efficiency, profitable new opportunities.
To our customers
Provide excellent customer service by faster response to requests, enhanced innovative services, total safety.
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