Project Scope

Project Scope

The size of the CMC is approximately 18,540 m². The Decommissioning, Decontamination and Demolition (DDD) of the CMC mainly includes:

(a) Tank Farm, Oily Water System, Chemical Store& Water Tanks and Fuel Oil Treatment Plant

(b) Exhaust Gas Stack and Chimneys

(c) Auxiliary Boiler, Firefighting Station, Pump next to this building and Compressors behind this building and Cooling Tower & Sheltered Storage Area

(d) Gas Turbines, Control Building and Cable and Pipe Trenches

(e) D25/D28 Engine Room and D15/D21 Engine Room

(f) Fuel Oil Pipe, Lube Oil Pipe and Diesel Oil Pipe including the off-site oil pipelines between CMC and the pier located at Avenida da Amizade