Project Background

Project Background

The Macau Power Station (CMC or the “Project Site”) is located at the junction of Avenida de Venceslau de Morais and Rua dos Pescadores which has been used for power generation for over 100 years. The CMC was first developed by the Macau Electric Lighting Company, Limited (MELCO) in early 1900s. During 1900s (as early as 1905) to 1972, the CMC was managed and operated under MELCO.


The operation of CMC was taken over by CEM in 1972. The CMC has been operated by CEM for over 40 years. The existing CMC contains six generators (D25, D26, D27, D28, T22 and T23), which were commissioned in 1973 and 1983. Five old diesel units commissioned between 1964 and 1971 are currently out of service but still remain on Project Site.

One diesel oil gas turbine, T24, has already been decommissioned and demolished. The area where T24 was located was then redeveloped and is now occupied by the Macau Daily News building.

Pilot View of Macau Power Station