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  1.  Before Your Application
  2. Input Information
  3. Preview & Declaration
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Applicant [1]:

Must be the property owner/tenant


Required documents [2]:

  1. ID copy of property owner [3] [4]
  2. Copy of Property Registration Report [5] issued by Macau Land and Real Estate Registry Office (CRPM) (valid within three months)


If the applicant is the tenant, please also provide:

  1. ID copy of tenant [3] [4]
  2. Original and copy of lease [6]


For non-residential use, please also provide:

  1. Electrical Installation location drawing [7] (Applicable to subscribed demand over 20.7kVA)
  2. "Purpose of Electrical Installation / Electrical Technician Declaration" [8] and his/her ID card copy
  3. Valid Electrical Installation License [9] issued by the Lands, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT), in the name of applicant and with respective subscribed demand



  1. Additional connection charges are applied if the requested subscribed demand is higher than the registered supply capacity for the premises (if necessary)
  2. Job cost (if necessary)
  3. Deposit (according to the subscribed demand)


Time elapsed:

Within four working days [10][11]




[1] If applicant cannot apply in person, he/she may sign an authorization letter to authorize a representative to apply on his/her behalf.

[2] If combined premises are involved, approved Modification Project Plan by the Lands, Public Works and Transport Bureau (DSSOPT) is required.

[3] BIR, HK ID, PRC ID or Passports of different countries.

[4] If the applicant is a company/association, copy of business/association registration issued within the latest 3 months is required. Moreover, the Electricity Supply Contract has to be signed by the legal representative(s) with company/ association chop.

[5] Copy of property transaction contract testimony by lawyer/Three-party contract/Housing Deed/Stamp duty (M1&M2) can be provided but is subject to approval.

[6] For lease with testimony by lawyer, ID copy of the owner is not required.

[7] The drawing should indicate the location of customer electrical installation and the meter. Further information may be required when necessary.

[8] Declaration has to be signed by the applicant or the legal representative(s) of the company/association with company/association chop. “Electrical Technician Declaration” is only applicable to Electricity Supply Application and Change of Subscribed Demand that require valid Electrical Installation License.

[9] For electrical installation under scope specified in Administrative Regulation no. 35/2011.

[10] Refers to free access to the electrical installation.

[11] Does not involve any customers or CEM engineering projects.